Monday, June 27, 2011


went to the vet today for some needed grooming.

the guy looks like he really loves dogs. 
i'll come back to this place because of that (and the loyalty card too).

setsuko is tired from all the brushing.

but the two look happy afterwards :)

yung nanay kaya, kelan makakapagpa-parlor? ;-)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

this bird (hopefully) is flying!

every time i apply for a visa, i get nervous. especially if it's in Europe because i want to live there!

i didn't get nervous when i applied for a US visa before. i thought it would be okay if they rejected me because i was in love with Europe then and only wanted to go back there.

went to Italy last year. hope i can go to Norway this time and see the Northern lights!

now back to work. mahal pa naman dun.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

in this life time, i want to...

walk in a field of wildflowers.

Photo credit

kayak in a quiet peaceful body of water, preferably a lake

Photo credit (Kayangan Lake, Coron)

see the Northern lights

Photo credit

among other things...

Monday, June 13, 2011

a thought about my sister

i just saw the new Facebook page of my sister. it made me feel sad. she has 3 kids at the age of 27 without a husband. she has been in Bulacan all her life. she hasn't experienced the good life. all these years she just takes care of her kids and seldom (or never) goes to Manila.

i want to give her a chance to study again but she has disappointed me a lot of times already. besides, there's this practical question of who will take care of her three kids, one of which is still a baby.


she was given a lot of chances but she chose to get pregnant again and again. i wonder if that's really the life she wants or if she has ambitions, passions, that i don't know of.


sold my Princess of Coron voucher yesterday to a friend. daming gustong bumili. i sold it because i didn't want to avail of the day tours. i want to plan my own itinerary, thank you.

don't you hate it when tour guides tell you to get ready in 20 minutes because you have to follow their schedule? i hate that.

anyway, since last night i've been looking at hotels in Palawan. i'm torn between El Nido and Coron! but it's way too expensiveto go to Palawan even during off peak season (October)! will be going to japan in november so have to save up money for that :(

but i really want to go to Palawan, stay in a beachfront room and go to Kayangan lake!

Photo credit

but the only beachfront resorts in Coron are Club Paradise and El Rio Y Mar which are sister companies. And they're both expensive as in P10k per day and that's exclusive of the day tours! ok lang sana kasi i don't plan to avail of their day tours but these resorts are far from the town, as in you'll have to ride a boat so i would really be at their mercy. baka di ko ma-enjoy ang bakasyon.

one more thing, we have to avail of their buffet meals because we have nowhere else to eat if we stay there. in El Nido there are more choices for restaurants but not if you stay at a beachfront hotel like Miniloc island resort :(

waaah! i can't write...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

old age

setsuko turned 49 (7 years) last april 15. for a while, she was still the same, jumping from the bed to the floor was just a simple task. 

but suddenly, 2 weeks ago she got colds. with that came cold feet. she can't jump off the bed or sofa anymore. she barks at us to carry her. does she have vertigo? are her eyes weak already? does she have broken bones?

have to send her to the vet tomorrow.

i dreamt of my college crush

parang we were in the same house with friends. he and his friends were going to the movies. he said it was good so we should join them but that he has no money so we should pay for our tickets hahaha!

i don't know why i dreamt of him. i wasn't thinking of him. i was thinking of my oneliner for Munting Heredera.

anyway when i opened my iTunes today and played on random, it played BILANGGO by Rizal Underground.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Remington electronic survey

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