Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Poker life lessons

i've been playing online poker at it's a program you download and then if you're from the Philippines you 'll have to get a virtual credit card from because local credit cards blocked online gambling for some reason (a good reason i think). i tried BDO and Citibank and they both cannot be used to deposit directly to Pokerstars.

anyway playing online reinforced in me some facts about life. who says you can't learn while playing on the net?

1. impatient people don't get anywhere. just because you have the best hand (AA) doesn't mean you'll win...

2. so choose your battle! sometimes, even if you think you have the best hand, you just have to let go and accept the fact that maybe the other guy's hand is better than yours. there will always be a bigger battle to fight.

*and while typing that, i just lost $3.50. K9 VS KQ. i went all in with two pairs but Q came at the river :(

3. which brings me to another lesson: in life you'll only need 50% talent and 50% luck. i think famous people are not just smart but they're also damn lucky.

there were times i had the worst cards but i still won over bigger hands. i also believe in lucky numbers for the day. like the other day, every time the number 6 appeared i always lost my hand. but today, even my 86 wins :D

4.  missed opportunities suck! but you just have to forget about it and move on.

5. there will always be assholes at the table who will bully you and scare you into submitting. but don't let it affect your game because if you do, you'll be the loser!

6. and lastly, you should always set a limit. up to how much are you only willing to lose? i once lost a total of $100 dollars at and then i decided to delete my account, realizing that was enough and i couldn't get rich playing there.

in love, life, work and friendships, there should be limits to what you can only take. when that limit is reached, you can opt to give it another chance and set another limit. but if you think it's going nowhere and you'll just lose again, you should always be ready to say goodbye and never come back.

i love poker!


  1. tara punta tayo sa metrowalk at maglaro doon :)

  2. mas enjoy ako sa internet e. hindi ko nakikita yung mga tao haha! mas may chance akong maging milyonarya dito :)