Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mama Juliet

i was writing a post about my recent travel when a call came in, erik's mom passed away. it's like she waited until we arrived from our trip. it's like she wanted to talk to erik first before leaving.

somebody dying is always a sad news. i'm not that sad though because her mom lived a full life. she turned 79 last march 20. but i will miss her cheerful personality and the stories she used to tell over and over again. i can always just assume she's in Bacolod playing Bingo.

rest in peace Mama Juliet.

in HK, Jan 2011

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Missing some...

I miss blogging. I miss sushi and setsuko. I miss rice! And i miss the sun. We haven't seen it since our 3rd day in Barcelona. That was around April 1. Anyways, we're enjoying the food here. Not so much the cold. My hands are always freezing. Will blog when Erik's mac starts getting the wifi signal, hopefully in Provence. I'm already excited to share pictures i took of the places we've been too and the food (a lot) we've consumed.