Monday, July 25, 2011

kung di lang ako maarte...

tamad at mabagal, mayaman na sana ko ngayon. ang choosy ko kasi masyado sa film projects. bakit kasi kelangang maging choosy? ayoko lang talaga magpokpok sa pelikula e. di ko maatim gawin yung ginagawa ko sa TV. i vowed after SS that i would only accept film projects that i really want to do (not because i'm pressured to do it or for money).

ano mga requirements ko?
a. yung wala pang kuwento kasi gusto ko sa 'kin galing ang kuwento. kung germ ok lang basta ako magbubuo at wag na kong pakialaman, puwede?
b.  mabait ang direktor.
c. at magaling.
d. at nirerespeto ko o gustong tulungan. konti lang naman sila e (MJDR, EM <3, JC, EDC, KF o iba pang bagong makikilala)
e. magaling ang artista.

gustong i-revive ng mahal kong direktor yung luma kong script. 2007 pa yata yun at hindi ko na siya gusto. di pa bagay yung kina-cast niyang artista. ayokong gawin kahit puwede kong kumita dun. dine-deadma ko pa siya ngayon. ayoko namang sabihin na gawa na lang kami ulit ng bago kasi iba gusto kong isulat ngayon. yung Japan at para kay master na yun!

meron pang isa. gusto ko yung direktor. mabait, magaling, nirerespeto ko pero naman, si RG ang artista. sigurado ite-text lang ako nun para sa mga suggestions niya sa script. mag-aral kaya muna siya umarte bago siya mag-feeling writer?

hay. minsan nanghihinayang ako sa mga hinihindian kong projects lalo na pag may gusto kong bilhin hahaha. pero pag tinanggap ko naman, alam ko i'll just end up resigning and not finishing the project.

pag talaga nasanay ka nang humindi, madali nang gawin.

hopefully ang susunod na hihindian ko, TV work na!


kenshin nakamura. magandang screen name sa writer na tinipid 'no?

buntis (not me)

our 19-year-old house help is pregnant. and she's not even married :(

what's happening to young people nowadays? hindi sila nag-iisip. she was not contented with Sushi and Setsuko and Pepper; she still wants to take care of a baby. ni hindi niya naisip na mas mahal magpalaki ng bata.

we wanted her to study and start college early this year but she declined (maybe she knew she was already pregnant) and we also wanted them to enroll in a short culinary course once a week for additional knowledge but they didn't want to. and what's weird is that it's for free! it's not going to be deducted in their salary or anything. we just wanted them to learn something new. but i got tired of trying to convince them so i just let the matter go.

and now, she's pregnant. haaaay.


setsuko got a new haircut. buhol buhol na kasi ang buhok e. she looks younger and smaller now.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011


something worth almost a thousand dollars was posted in my BDO credit card! good thing it wasn't charged yet and is still floating. but it was an online payment to a certain JTV Tokyo. the only transaction for Japan i made was for the ryokan in Kyoto.

Momijiya Bekkan Kawa no Iori ryokan
the ensuite private open-air bath!
and the kaiseki ryori! my first time!
anyway, i had to make a letter of dispute and email it to BDO so that they'll investigate that item.

the weird thing is, they don't have any details about that transaction. they have to investigate first before they'll know where it came from or what company JTV Tokyo is. so, because of this incident, i learned that there is still a level of privacy for credit card clients. i thought call center agents knew everything about my purchases.

i got paranoid with my online transactions and had to delete my Worldwinner account. that's good too because i'm wasting my money in that site.

anyway i have to write now. i need the money to pay my credit card next month...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

no weekend for me

- so many plates to do before i finish FD 1!
- will have 2 days to write the next script for MuHer (sounds so gay)
- and Zombading's post is not yet done! have to finish before the 23rd!


i have't played with Sushi and Setsuko this past few days because i'm always out of the house. i miss my kids.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

high school reunion

i never liked high school.

except for the COCC and CAT days which i enjoyed, i hated high school. i wasn't a favorite of my teachers for one because i was quiet, didn't talk much. though i was at the top 10 of my class, i wasn't charming or sipsip. there was a group of pretty, smart and charming girls in our batch but i wasn't one of them. they were actually nice and friendly but i didn't like them. maybe i was jealous.

in my first few weeks in college, i found myself in the group of 3 or 4 pretty, smart ladies but for some reason, i felt awkward being with them. i felt out of place because i wasn't like them. i wasn't kikay. i wasn't wearing powder on my face. they were nice but i felt we had nothing in common. they reminded me of the girls i didn't like (but did not hate either in high school) so i smoothly eased myself out of that group and found my friends who would be friends until senior year. simple smart girls they were.

but of course only one friend remain who i still get in touch with up to now: mylene.

what's wrong with me? some people have different sets of friends: from high school, from college, work, church, etc. i only have a few people i can text or call when i want to go to the mall and watch a movie. mylene is not one of them because she already has a family and it's hard for her to go out unplanned.

so i only rely on my friends from work but they're all busy with work most of the time. of course.

sometimes, i wonder how many people treat me as their friend. how many people would go to my wake and introduce themselves to my family as my friend? good friend? best friend?

i have more than a thousand friends in FB but if i streamline it and retain just the people who i can and  would turn to if i need money (because money is really the best way to test any relationship), i doubt if i'll reach 50 people, even 30.

i find it so sad that social networking sites like FB make you reach out to more people but in essence, it really makes you lose the real connection that's needed to maintain your relationships and make them grow. if there's no FB, you would call your loved ones more or meet up with them more regularly. but nowadays, liking is connecting.

my decision right now is not to attend my high school reunion next year. it's still early but i don't think i'll change my mind.  my friends from high school and i have grown apart. we have only been communicating via FB or one or 2 text messages every year. that can't be called friendship. not really looking forward to seeing anyone from high school.

but i would lie if i say that i don't want to hear the stories ABOUT ME in high school which are mostly forgotten now. if it's only possible to put a hidden camera where they're going to meet and record their conversations. that way, i could listen but not be present. and when it gets boring (meaning they stopped talking about me hahaha), i could just switch the camera off, leave them and do whatever i have to do. that easy.

Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion

Loved this movie. 

Monday, July 4, 2011