Friday, August 31, 2012

some thoughts on work

kahit gaano ko ka-busy sa pagsusulat o sa paghahabol ng deadline, i'm always aware that my dogs are there just waiting for me to give them attention. kahit sino pa kasama ko, i don't think i'll forget them especially if they're with me.

everytime, i give them affection. i always look at them and call their names especially sushi to make sure they are all right. to see if they need anything. a hug maybe.  more than words, it assures them that they're loved.

this is why i don't understand why some people would prioritize work over personal relationships. i'm guilty of that too sometimes. but i believe it's just a matter of prioritizing. Robredo was able to balance both or maybe he wasn't ambitious enough?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

DIY leather wallet

i was just winging it so i didn't take pictures. in fact, i didn't expect i would finish one. even if i did want to take a picture, i couldn't find my phone in my messy working place. and my fingers were hurting (still are).

my DIY leather wallet
this is inspired by the leather wallet i bought in a store in Japan 
where i also bought my handmade Nepal yarns.

the original/inspiration

now my DIY wallet looks shitty compared to this one haha!
look how clean the cuts are inside.  and the side bindings are so neat. 
i think they are machine-sewn.

mine looks shittier when you look inside. 
my credit cards don't fit because i don't measure (next time i will promise.) 
i hand-stitched the top using my new speedy stitcher
but for the rest especially the bindings, i glued the scrap leathers using G17 adhesive.
very strong, that glue! there was no way i could hand-stitched the bindings.

i tried to put on some snap closure like i did with this leather coin purse
this time i have the rivet setter but it failed me 3 times!
so i just used it to put the leather bracelet which Kay gave me (or lent me to fix ahem)
to use as closure just like the original wallet. 

so far, i'm fulfilled. and my hands ache. now i know how hard leather crafting really is! 
i did this one for about 7-8 hours by hand and i don't think i can do the same work again tomorrow.

if i'm going to put a price on this, i'll say this should cost about P10,000! hahaha! i'll probably be able to do one wallet per month! next time, i'll keep it simple.

i'm thinking of giving it to my mom for her birthday next next week. i'll decide tomorrow if it's okay to be given as a gift.  right now, i have clips all over it to make sure the glue sets. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

post LASIK

i haven't been posting since my LASIK last Aug. 17. not because i'm resting my eyes. in fact, 2 days before my operation, i was already revising a screenplay. and the next day after my LASIK, i was already crafting with my mom. i've been missing from blogosphere because i'm enjoying my new eyes so much!

i decided on it like i always decide on things: impulsively.  i inquired about the LASIK through their FB account last Aug. 15. it was Dra. Alnette Tan who answered my queries. she also sent me info about their promo discount of 20% until end of Aug. so the next day, i was already at their Greenbelt branch for check up. and the next day, i was scheduled for surgery.

i won't go into specifics about the surgery. you can read here to know more about the process. i'll just post this picture below taken by Erik while i was in the operating room. yes, the people waiting outside can watch as your eyes are being operated on.

they gave me a DVD of the whole operation but it may be too much to be posted here :)

it was uncomfortable as they clamped my eyes so they would stay open during the 15minute-surgery (or less). and i could still feel as the doctor poked some instruments in my eyes. i could also smell when they lasered my right eye so i held my breath when they did my left. 

after the operation, someone has to be there to accompany you as you won't be able to go home by yourself. erik was there to guide me. i was barely out of the door when the anesthesia wore off and my eyes started to tear up uncontrollably. it felt sandy as if i had several puwing. 

when i got home, i took one Advil then slept it off like the doctor advised me to do. my surgery finished around 130pm. i got home before 2pm. when i woke up at 5, there was no pain anymore. my eyes were a little sensitive to light but they adjusted fast. by 5:30, i was already watching TV!

and singing this in my head:

this is not johnny cash but johnny NASH!

in my case, i didn't find it hard to adjust as i  used to wear contact lenses before. the feeling now is like i'm wearing contacts without having to remove them. my eyes are as dry and i have to constantly put artificial tears but it's so worth it!

now all i have to do is not abuse my eyes so i wouldn't have to go under the knife again. it was the first time, and hopefully the last time i will lie down on an operating table. 

if you're thinking of getting a LASIK, inquire through American Eye Center's FB page. my doctor is the 4th lady from the left. she's great! very nice and most of all, her hands were steady :)

the surgery costs P89,000 to be exact inclusive of all post-surgery check ups and even operations just in case your grade comes back. sulit! they even have payment schemes through major credit cards so you can pay via installment if you want to. it's very convenient.  

i actually don't know why it took me this long to get one. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

big day today!

i'll post about it tomorrow, hopefully. if nothing goes wrong.

Friday, August 10, 2012

my handwoven purse

so after 7 months, my laploom arrived finally. 

Harrisville Style A Laploom

it's quite easy to use. you just follow the instructions on the booklet included.
there's also a pattern which i followed for my first project
but after a while, i just did what i wanted.  

i messed up in the last few rows because i removed it too early from
the laploom only to realize that the yarn was loose. 
anyway i remedied it by stitching a few more rows by hand. 
then i folded it in half. stitched the sides...

and added a zipper. i don't have a sewing machine 
so the stitches inside are really bad. 
but who cares? ako lang naman ang makakakita. 
mukha bang basahan? :D

Saturday, August 4, 2012

love, caution

i find myself crying while watching Lust, Caution again. and i'm not even in the sad part yet. it's just Tony wanting to know where the girl is going for the day so he can have a tryst with her. he was so attracted to her, so attentive.


my favorite love stories not necessarily in this order:

Love Story

Happy Together
Away From Her
Gone With The Wind

Lust, Caution
Two For The Road
When Harry Met Sally
The Way We Were
Brokeback Mountain

this is an incomplete list. i'm sure i'm forgetting something right now (i'll just update this list). these movies made me feel various emotions while watching them, mostly sadness.

most of these movies didn't have a happy ending. the best love stories for me are those that end sadly, even tragically.

before i die or retire from writing, i want to write a love story. something that will make me proud. i don't care if it's not a commercial success (wouldn't hurt though) or not but i want people to go through an emotional roller coaster while watching it and feel the joys and pain that's so much a part of falling in love.

one of my favorite scenes in Lust, Caution

and after this scene, he gives her a ring. then she gives up everything for him. sigh.

- only love that lasts through hard times is true.