Thursday, December 27, 2012

yarns and kisses

i finally got to finish this fingerless gloves for erik. 
mine is missing it's partner so it's useless for this trip. 

this turquoise scarf is also finished!
but i haven't blocked it yet. will do it after the trip
because if i do it now, it won't be ready in time for our flight :(

i started this wool/acrylic scarf last night. i was hoping to bring it with me
on the plane (does Cathay Pacific allow knitting needles in cabin baggage?)
anyway on second thought this looks like it needs to be blocked first before use
so i'll just finish it when i get back.

last night i was knitting while eating this Hershey's Kisses which a couple gave me as a Xmas gift.  sometimes the best gifts come from people you don't expect to receive gifts from.  and this is one of them. 

the couple must have seen my craving-for-Kisses FB post.  it was just so thoughtful of them. after that post, i had someone buy Kisses from 7-11 and they were not as i imagined them to be: smooth and creamy. this one certainly is! there's still a bit left which i plan to eat later :)

Happy 2013! Kisses everyone!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Soon to be very long scarf

I purchased Merino wool yarns from Dream Yarn shop in Glorietta 4 
to make a scarf for Erik. 

I already finished this one for him using 
100% wool yarn in basketweave stitch

But he said it was itchy. It's true that when you give men a scarf,
you have to make sure it's soft. 

So i bought merino wool which is soft and warm

i'm on my 2nd ball. 3 more to go! :)

i'm enjoying making scarves so much! 
especially when using soft beautiful yarns.
yes call me a yarn snob :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

this is not a love letter

reminiscing with a friend and i remembered a letter i wrote to a guy 5 years ago. a year after i could already laugh at this but i would share it here now just for laughs. i'm quite proud of this, my first and probably last (love?) letter hahaha!

para 'to sa mga nagpapakatanga pa rin hanggang ngayon. gising na!


Jan. 27 2008...


ayoko sanang gawin 'to kasi nakakahiya. and i've never done this before. pero baka makatulong sa 'kin most especially.

when i told you that i fell in love with you, totoo yun. i wasn't being sarcastic. wag mo na tanungin kung bakit at paano, basta. di ko rin nga alam kung bakit.

siguro alam mo na yun or may inkling ka na kaya ka nagstart makipagtext sa 'kin. di naman kita masisisi. kung lalaki ako, ganun rin gagawin ko. mas matindi pa dun actually. kaya siguro hindi ako ginawang lalaki. karma ang pagiging babae ko ngayon dahil sa mga pinagagagawa ko as a guy in one of my past lifetimes.

basta naiintindihan ko kung bakit nakikipagflirt ka sa 'kin kahit may girlfriend ka na. sabi nga ng mga kaibigan ko, lalaki ako mag-isip. kaya alam ko rin na hindi ka naman seryoso. i think i know what you're really after. pero di naman ako ganun katanga. at kung yun nga ang habol mo, hindi rin ako galit. lalaki ka lang, i understand.

alam mo bang nadepress ako last year dahil sa 'yo? siyempre hindi mo alam. mahal ako ma-depress. kung saan-saan ako pumupunta, kung anu-ano pinagbibibili ko kahit di ko naman kelangan. tapos ok na ko, bigla kang nagtext. nagulo na naman ang buhay ko. nasayang mga ginastos ko sa camiguin at baguio.

and it's the same old story. wala namang nagbebenefit sa 'ting dalawa. nahihirapan lang ako kakahintay sa text o tawag mo. wala naman akong karapatan magdemand kasi textmate lang ako, ni hindi nga ako friend e. and i don't like that feeling. ikaw lang ang nagparamdam sa 'kin ng ganun, that i'm unimportant. well, pangalawa ka actually.

sabi ng mga friends ko, siguro na-chachallenge lang ako kasi i always get what i want, one way or another. ganun na lang ang gusto kong isipin. gusto kita kasi hindi kita makuha. gusto ko yung mga ayaw sa 'kin. masokista 'ko e.

pero kahit masokista, nauuntog rin. there comes a point when you just have to give up wanting something kasi you realize it's useless and pointless to pursue it because it's really not for you.

i know i deserve someone single. someone who will not treat me as plan b. someone who will love me. at hindi ikaw yun for sure. you love your girlfriend. i know kasi you're still with her. or if you don't, then you just don't like me enough. i can accept that. i'm a good loser.

i'm sincere in saying that i'm happy with what you have now and what you will have in the future. i wish you love by rachael yamagata. yan ang song na paulit-ulit kong pinakinggan sa camiguin and it's for you. it's about letting go without bitterness.

you don't need to reply to this email. mas gugustuhin ko pa yun para masarado na 'to. all i need is closure i think, then i can let go and move on. please help me by not texting and calling me anymore. i hope you understand. it will be easier for me if i don't hear from you anymore. i deserve to be happy too.

anyway aalis na rin ako sa 15. iiwan ko yung cellphone ko and when i get back in july, malamang i'll change my number.

sana in the future, when i'm already over you and we're both happy with someone else then we can be real friends and laugh about this letter. for now, ikaw na lang muna ang tumawa.

i'm sending this before i change my mind.

all the best,

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

4 and counting

i've been busy but i had to post the pictures that already piled up in my phone starting with our anniversary dinner pics :)

for our 4th anniversary, we ate at La Girolle in Taguig, BGC. it was a very memorable dinner. i just love the intimate ambiance of the 36-seater restaurant. the chef looked like he was in control of everything. he was there looking at us from the kitchen, making sure every food that was served went to him first. 

we were not that hungry when we arrived at 730pm but we still ordered the tasting menu which was only for 3k. considering it already included 7 courses with dessert and your choice of tea or coffee, it was really worth it. 

i wanted to buy a dozen of that small 
slightly sweet bread to take home with me.

Erik's extra order of Tuna Tartare. looks lovely and tastes good
( i don't eat raw tuna but i also tried this)

my set of utensils. 4 courses to go!

i love this dish! it's ricotta cheese with caramelized fruits.

this is the foie gras with the grapes cooked 3-way!

scallops in two kinds of sauce. i like the white one. 
i thought that was peeled grapes on the side. 
Erik tried to make me eat it by agreeing that they were grapes
but before it was too late, i recognized that they were shallots! :P

the 48-hour beef or something like that. i was so full by this time 
but i still tried to eat it.  erik said the little white thing on the side was a nut!
i thought it suspiciously looked like a clove of garlic but i believed him. 
stupid me, i ate it and i was right!

time for dessert! just look at this dome of yumminess! 

there were two desserts with our coffee.
we only ate about two bites each but they were really delicious.
and i love the coffee too! 

we came from Wildflour for lunch and the coffee there, never mind the food, doesn't measure up to this one. i will not go back to Wildflour but will definitely eat again at La Girolle. the good thing about them is they change their menus all the time so there's always a reason to go back. 

one thing i realized is that we don't have an anniversary pic! :(


eat here!

2nd Floor Blue Sapphire Building
30th Street, 2nd Avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Chef Amando Ian Padilla
Mobile: +63 917 8035423
Telephone: +632 478 4119