Friday, December 31, 2010

2005-2010 in review

- we founded ufo.
- released 3 movies under it (Maximo Oliveros, Sarongbanggi and endo).
- my love life had its highs and lows during those times.
- happy times in Marilag house with housemates (started in 2005 and ended in 2008 when we transferred to Kalyos)
- purchased a condo
- went to Japan under a grant
- i met erik just before 2008 ended.

- went to HK for the first time! also went back to NY after 3 years        
- had work in the middle of the year
- was constantly depressed
- ended the year in Bangkok while looking forward to 2010

- transferred to GMA
- work was good
- we started our first movie finally (Shokot)
- went to Italy, Japan, Vietnam and HK

looking forward to 2011!

got my personal year by adding my birthday April 2  to 2011 which is (4+2+2+0+1+1). it changes every year.

Personal Year 1 in 2011

the 1 year is the beginning of a new 9 year cycle. What you start in a 1 year will have an effect for the next nine years. Those with a 1 year are starting new ventures, becoming more independent, showing leadership and learning new skills. This is an excellent year to clarify your goals and lay the foundation for years to come.

i think i better enroll in Slim's next year.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Regine-Ogie wedding

i'm not a fan of both. i just watched the wedding because i wanted to see Regine's wedding gown by Monique Lhullier.

but then...

natuwa ako sa kanilang dalawa. they seem to be nice people. and most important of all, they look like they really love each other. it's so touching when the groom cries upon seeing the bride walking the aisle towards him. i'm happy for the two of them. whether or not it's true that it was regine who caused the break up of ogie and michelle is not important anymore. whatever they have looks real so let's give it to them na lang. baka yung kay michelle ang mistake? hehehe.

na-touch ako nung kumanta si regine ng Apo song:

hindi ko malimutan kung kailangan nagsimulang matutong ikaw lang ang mahalin...
at di ko malimutan kung kailangan ko natikman, ang tamis ng iyong halik, 
yakap na napakahigpit, pag-ibig mong tunay hanggang langit...

i like her wedding vow din. mas may feelings kesa sa vow ni ogie. naiyak ako para sa kanya. she deserves to be happy after taking care of her family. plus 40 na siya no! she waited all her life for this.

regine looking so radiant and happy

hindi pa ko nakaka-attend ng wedding na ganito ka-heartfelt yung palitan ng vows.  yung maiiyak ka talaga. usually kasi, the bride and groom just recite the vows. siguro ang pinaka-heartfelt na yung sa ate ko kung saan naiyak din si kuya abe!

gusto ko talaga umiiyak yung grooms sa wedding :-D


anyway back to the gown, hindi ko siya gusto. OA ang ruffles sa baba e. plus hindi bagay yung hair accessory ni regine na white flowers (orchids ata). sana mas simpleng hair accessory lang kasi yung gown ang highlight e.  it costs half a million pesos daw but i don't see it in the gown. i like the color though.

Friday, December 24, 2010

busy Christmas

no time to blog since HK. nagdaan lang na parang Shinkansen sa bilis ang lahat.

Dec. 20
- got back from HK Monday noon
- Dwarfina meeting at 4pm
- Origin8 Christmas party until early morning

Dec. 21
- hilahan blues, surprise party of Erik at Mogwai until 4AM
hindi naging surprise kasi ayaw pa sumama so sinabi ko na rin na may surprise kaya kailangan niya pumunta dun! hay.

Dec. 22
- attended Publicis' Xmas party and judged their Japan-themed production numbers. don't really approved of the winners but what can i do? i was just one out of 5 judges.
- attended color grading of Shokot until 4AM again.

Dec. 23
- Meeting for new soap
- Fed the two dogs. I ordered takeout from Max's: chicken and chopsuey for Setsuko but she only ate a little chicken

Dec. 24
- did the laundry. the last time i did my laundry was during my Marilag days when i washed some Ukay clothes i bought. 3-4 years ago na siguro yun!
- Setsuko wouldn't eat so after i made lunch, we brought her to the vet, bought Cerelac and a syringe and force-fed her. i have to do that every 4 hours!

hindi pa ko nakakaligo! and have i mentioned that i'm still not finished with my Christmas shopping?

big sigh.

hopefully i get to do all the chores before 11pm because we plan to watch the 48 Hour Mystery Special on CI channel to celebrate Christmas! then tomorrow, i'll be writing the last 2 days of Week 9 script.

i hate Christmases.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

setsuko is sick :(

and this is the culprit, canned Pedigree dog food which is bad for the liver according to the doctor. 

canned Pedigree dog food

she growled at master and that's so unlike her. maybe she was already having stomach pains then.
good thing i sent her to the doctor immediately. vomiting is always a bad sign. 

i'm so sorry setsuko. it's my fault that you're sick now. from now on, you'll be a vegetarian with occasional chicken and pork diet. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

wishlist for things i can buy

ewan ko nga ba. sometimes it just makes me feel guilty buying so much stuff for myself so i don't.
there are also things that are just always available so you tend to take them for granted - just like people who are always around.

1. Muji long pillow. I had one before but i had to leave it in Japan. P1250 in Muji, Bonifacio High Street

2. A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers. Gave away my copy because i just loved it so much that i wanted to share it.

3. The Body Shop cheek and lip tint. Sometimes i look too pale but can't do anything about it. 


4. A nice soft hairbrush like this one from Earth Therapeutics. So i could brush my hair for a change hahaha

5. I need tights of dark colors, and socks just below the knees (of any color except white) when i travel but unfortunately, they are not the first thing on my list when i'm in a store


these are all i could think of right now. 


leslie cheung's death on BIO and john lennon on CI channel. how can i write?!

this is mark chapman, lennon's murderer. he's been eligible for parole since 2000 but denied parole 6 times because of yoko ono. i don't blame her. let him stay there for the rest of his life. (but as usual, it all started in his crappy childhood)

killer looks

this image is creepy. it was shot hours before chapman killed lennon. here he was asking for his autograph. he was amazed at how nice lennon was, even asking him if he needs anything else before leaving with yoko ono. then he patiently waited to kill him.

John signing autograph while Chapman looks on

my setsuko

setsuko growled at master twice. is it because she's jealous of sushi?

setsuko is 42 years old in dog years. she's insecure, very independent, wants to be treated like a lady and sometimes just wants her space just like her master. so please just try to understand her.

countdown has started again

everybody thinks Hubert Webb is guilty but what if he's not? he just spent 15 years of his youth in jail for nothing! if i were in his shoes, i'll burn down the trial courts and Jessica Alfaro! i'll go back to jail, yes but at least now i'm really guilty.

i would be this happy too

i support the Supreme Court's decision to acquit him based on what i've read from the Inquirer. it wasn't proven by the NBI that Webb et. al. are guilty beyond reasonable doubt. i'm surprised that with what little evidence they got, former Judge Tolentino sentenced them to life imprisonment!

according to one member of the Supreme Court, Justice Villarama who dissented, Webb's original passport was not presented as evidence to prove that he indeed was in the US that time. the defense alleged that it was tampered. US Immigration ad Naturalization Service in SanFo also did not certify that Webb was there when the crime was not committed. she also said that Alfaro's testimony was backed by 5 other prosecution witnesses. there's certainly doubt there that he may really be guilty.

i wonder, wasn't it possible to issue a warrant to get Webb's original passport? if it was tampered, that would prove he's hiding something.

i've watched so many cold cases solved in CI channel. give them Alfaro and they still won't bring it to court because i'm sure they won't find her credible enough to get a sentence. they'll look for more evidence,  not just testimonial but physical like DNA etc. to connect the criminals to the victims. but here in Pinas, give them any kind of witness, do the trial by publicity and everybody happy, except for the poor suspect/s of course. this is soooo wrong.  it should always be beyond reasonable doubt.

anyway so the catch now is that there is a 20-year prescriptive period for a crime to be solved. the countdown started when the police discovered the crime on June 30, 1991 so the bad news is that they have less than a year to solve the Vizconde massacre. beyond that, they can't prosecute any suspect anymore. that's about 6 months from now. wow!

NBI, wag masyado ma-pressure. find more evidence or find the real killers on or before june 30. start by looking for Joey Filart and Artemio Ventura (not included in the acquittal) who have eluded you for 15 years! nice job hiding guys!

oh and the semen sample found on Carmela's body, if you can find it please?


sad that it took 15 years for this case to reach the SC and for them to find that Alfaro's is not a credible witness. how much would the government pay them for 15 years? how much is acceptable for 15 years of lost time?

Monday, December 13, 2010

nice Christmas gift!

YS did it and finished it! how nice of her! i'm excited to see it na!

di pa rin ako makapaniwala na natapos niya. suwerte a :-)


my mind is already in HK, shopping for Christmas, the painting, etc. but i still have a deadline until the 23rd. it's hardest to write during the holidays.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

surprise surprise!

plucked one for bookmarking

which is why i can't be a mother

I vote that would-be parents take a psychological test before they are permitted to have babies.

They also have to submit 2x2 pictures, bank certificates, references that they would be good parents.

It should be as difficult as getting a Japan or US visa. And if they do get approved, they have to raise the child well or else their permits will be revoked and they can also be sent to jail with their kids!

Harsh? I don't think so. Creating another human being is a miracle and a great power that shouldn't just be given to anybody. If they want it badly, they have to prepare for
it like when you're taking a very important exam.

As Pete's uncle told him, "With great power comes great responsibilty".

Friday, December 3, 2010

which is why i can't be a lawyer

i'm watching Crime and Punishment on CI where a rapist abducted, raped and then killed 2 university students in California. he confessed to the killing when confronted with the evidence then requested to talk to his girlfriend who was 5 months pregnant with his child.

when he told her, the girlfriend cried and asked, "why did you do that? why!"

and then she moved her chair away from him and sobbed. the rapist reached out to her and cried too.
"i don't know. i'm sorry. there has been something wrong with me ever since i was little"


something's wrong with me too. why is it that i can empathize with these kind of killers?

i blame their parents more for the way they raised their children. this rapist was abused by his own father! his father shot his pet when he was young and told him to get used to killing! tama ba naman yun? when he was in 7th grade, he was still wearing diapers :(

he became angry with women and violated them because they represented the mother who abandoned him.

this rapist was sentenced to die.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

to be or not to be

still don't know what i have to do next year.  should i apply for the writing grant and let it decide my fate?

buti pa yung napanood ko sa Pecha Kucha last night. he worked (or still works) in a cruise ship so he could travel which is what i planned to do before. i already took up a housekeeping course at Magsaysay training school in Intramuros then but i was too lazy to apply for a job or even get my Seaman's book. the line was too long in either one.

anyway, i don't even know if i have the talent in sewing/fashion designing. can i make an outstanding wedding gown?

by Dior

or an exquisite terno like this one for the graduation requirements?

by Slim's founder herself

i don't want to be mediocre. if i'll do it, i have to be really good at it...