Wednesday, May 25, 2011

shoes ko!

i discovered a new brand of shoes and they have such nice designs! i've never had the urge to buy half of the shoes in one store (expect for those with heels) like i did earlier in DUMOND shop, Trinoma Q.C.

problem is, they are quite expensive since it's a Brazilian brand. the price ranges from P3k - P6500 for shoes. the flats that made me enter the shop was priced at P5,200. i decided it was too expensive.

i switched to a ballerina which was cheaper at P3,700 and contemplated if i really should buy it at that price. the most expensive shoes i have is not more than P2,500 but this pair was really nice. simple but appealing and elegant so i decided it was worth it. i was about to buy it when i saw this ballerina in light yellow with gold accent. anything shiny doesn't appeal to me but in this case, it was love at first sight!  i ended up buying the pair which is more expensive than the first pair i saw. sigh.

some of their designs in their website:

love, love, love...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


a lot has happened since i last blogged...

i've been attending my FD class regularly for two weeks now (2 half days plus one half day for make up class). finally, i'm finished with watercolor exercises...

now, i'm on to fashion sketching!

had difficulty with the legs so Sir Ogie helped me

anyway, one day after class i went to Tiendecitas to see Erik choosing another dog. what ever happened to family planning? anyway we have our third dog now: Pepper, the American Cocker Spaniel...

can you see her?

she harassed Sushi just by wanting to play with her. sushi by the way is months older. Sushi wasn't able to sleep and didn't eat for a whole day. Setsuko joined her in her act of rebellion.

the night Pepper arrived...

but one day, i just heard her bark at Pepper continuously (who didn't get it by the way and continued running after Sushi)! the important thing is that Sushi learned to defend herself.

while these were all happening, i was busy losing $90 online (make that $100). been playing Scrabble cubes at

don't enter if you're not ready to lose! that's about it!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

marketing problem

marketing (noun): the action or business of promoting and selling products or services.

i wrote it before in an old blog and i'll write it again here: I HATE MARKETING. if i liked it, i would have been rich by now with a business of my own. and i'm not because i don't like selling!

if i didn't google, i wouldn't know about the 4 Ps (Source)

i don't want to attend the marketing planning! the sound of it already makes me want to go to sleep.

Courtesy of Everett Collection

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I feel guilty

Click here: 10 Natural Wonders to See Before They Disappear

No more Seacret for me. I don't want to be responsible for the disappearance of the Dead Sea because i'm buying their mineral products. Beauty in exchange for the Dead Sea? I have been choosing this without even knowing what's happening behind the curtains. I feel sad that men will dig up a sea for profit without thinking of its huge consequences, which concerns the entire human population! Surely, no amount of money can be more important than the fate of our world?

If i did not decide to read Yahoo news just now, i would have continued using the product. How many people are clueless about these things? I'm afraid to know...

From now on:
No mineral makeups for me (will just use up what i have)
No more styrofoams of course (since 1999)
No more plastic bags (have to bring one eco bag everyday just in case i decide to buy something)

If you're reading this, pleaae do your part no matter how small. Thanks! :-)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

thinking business

i'm thinking i should put up a business related to traveling since that's what i want to do anyway. traveling and shopping.

maybe i can buy goods from the country i'll be going to and then sell the stuff here online OR maybe i can get orders from people before i leave and then sell it to them with interest. of course price should still be cheaper than the price of the product here in Pinas.

what's to sell from japan? how can i know if anybody's interested to buy or order?

in Osaka, there's this very delicious sweet potato in a box sold in one of their fastfoods. i can sell that! it's just that there's an expiration date of course so it has to be sold once i get back here.

japanese products are kind of expensive lang. even their food is not cheap compared to pinoy food.

just wondering (instead of writing).