Tuesday, July 31, 2012


a radio, ipod and cd player in one.

windows. lots of it. 
matagal na kong hindi nasisilaw.
sunlight in the living room. darkness in the bedroom.

a small space in the backyard for a garden.

i'll take this for my workshop room. i promise i'll be productive here.
just remove the bed and replace it with a table.
add music too and this will be perfect! 

new washi tapes and yarns!

a new sewing machine because i gave mine to my mom
hopefully this time, i get one which i can also use for thin leather

Photo source

of course who doesn't want world peace? 

I'm normal

While browsing channels earlier, i came upon this show in ANC about money matters. The guy there talked about money personality profiles. Apparently there are 5:

  • Challenged – not enough money for expenses
  • Normal – enough money but no savings
  • Stable – has an emergency fund set aside (2 years worth of money in the bank)
  • Wealthy – P5M in the bank or (2 or more years worth of money in the bank)
  • Permanently wealthy - self explanatory

So, i fall under the normal profile. The fact is if someone dies or someone gets sick in the family, i'll probably be in debt. Scary. 

It's not that I earn so little. I just spend so much especially when i'm depressed which happens most of the time. And i don't do accountings. I have to start now. I want to go from normal to stable.

According to the guy, this should be the formula:
  • 30% of earnings should go to savings
  • 50% to basic living expenses
  • 15-20% for lifestyle expenses

Gotta start tomorrow!

a volcano waiting to erupt

i just have to blog about this! all day i've been researching on super volcanoes and how the earth will be affected once a big one erupts. then after so much googling, i came upon this news about Sarah G (i don't know how) and what happened was i watched Sarah G. live last Sunday online and is still watching Ogie Diaz dish out unverified stories about Sarah on vibes tayo. talk about volcanoes.

i have heard horror stories about Divine even when i was still in ABS. but Sarah is now 24 and she is still under the saya of her mother. it's just not right! she's feeding her family! she's working all day since she was a teenager! she deserves to be happy too!

i know she's sad because i saw her Sunday show online. it's in her face. here are some screencaps. her body language tells it all: mommy, i don't want to see your face!

Sarah faced her father while singing and all throughout, had her back turned towards her mom. all the time, her mom was there behind her standing awkwardly. 

she placed her arms around Divine's shoulder towards the end of the song but she still looked at her father. when Divine joined in the singing, that's when Sarah lightened up towards her. but i think she just tried really hard for the sake of the audience. while Divine tried hard to please by singing! (i think she didn't plan to.)

i just hate the way she's raising Sarah. she's like a leader of a cult which Sarah wants to leave but can't because she has been brainwashed all her life to be afraid. 

i'm not one who can be called her fan but the good thing is i'm objective. i can see that she's struggling whether to cross the line and walk towards independence and risk her career, or stay where she is, loyal to her family and remain the popstar that she is today.  

but Sarah, you're not 24 forever. you already lost years to showbiz and sacrificed so much time for your family. can't you work and be happy at the same time? is that so much to ask for? 

are you planning to wait for Divine to give you the go-signal to be happy? i'm not even talking about a boyfriend. i'm talking about the simple joys of life like being able to eat ice cream, or buying stuff you want just to reward your hard work, or travel with friends or meet boys! you have so much to learn Sarah. and this is the time to do it, while you're still young! only you can free yourself from your mother's clutch! DO IT NOW!

now about Divine, i wish mothers like this can be divorced legally, just like in the States. i'm trying to understand what she's doing to Sarah but i just can't find a good enough reason. she's so narrow-minded! she believes that God will let her know when Sarah meets the right man. really?! and what would she do if Sarah doesn't like him? i wouldn't be surprised if she forces Sarah into marrying the guy sent by God. she's one sick mom! i hate her so much!

Divine if you're reading this, you're the mother that one shouldn't aspire to be. 

i don't know why i'm so affected by this! as i said, i'm not even a fan of Sarah. i like her though and i feel frustrated that she can't fight the fight. i want her to do something drastic. not just cut her hair short! something like moving out of their house and living on her own. or even just defying her mother and hopping on a plane and going somewhere, ALONE! 

just do something. anything! stop crying and stop telling Divine that you'll be a good daughter still! you've been a good daughter and you can still be a good daughter while being happy at the same time! yes, it's possible! 

i bet Divine doesn't teach her anything so that she'll remain dependent on her. well Sarah, there's the internet. read! at least demand your right to unlimited wifi to free your mind!  

and for the last time, your mother is a taker. she's not going to give you complete freedom even if you ask for it. YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT YOURSELF! (just don't be stupid and get pregnant or run over by a truck.)

i'm ending this entry with the amazing Imogen Heap who has a question: 

and yes, this is just my opinion.

Monday, July 30, 2012

3 restaurants and Batman's voice

i have to write a few storylines but i'll blog first. 
yesterday we went out despite the rain and we sampled two new restaurants. 
first one is Nolita at The Fort. 

we ordered three slices of pizza: 
italian sausage, cheeseburger and chicken something

i like the crust but the toppings were just too salty. 
(this from someone who influenced Erik to use patis every meal.)  
we also ordered their Parmesan Mac & Cheese. 
it too was salty. too much parmesan perhaps?
anyway it was okay but we wouldn't go all the way to The Fort
again just to eat there. Shakey's is still the best pizza in Pinas for me.
we wanted to go to Nanbantei to eat again but decided to just have coffee 
and dessert in this small coffee shop named Slice.

i like the presentation. it was kind of healthy food because they had this 
Slice Champorado which i wanted to order at first but when i learned that 
it was composed of granola, caramel and milk i didn't bother. if you'll call it champorado,
make sure it's champorado. at least don't remove the sticky rice as main ingredient.

i got this Yema cupcake instead and it's yummy.  
as you can see, it's all sugar!  

for dinner we went for comfort food and ate at our favorite yakitori, Nanbantei.

dory, chicken wings, liver, asparagus with pork

the food never failed us, until last night. 
our salmon sashimi wasn't entirely boneless.
Erik was the lucky one!

we told out waiter about it and the manager went to our table to apologize.
he offered to take it out of our bill but we said it wasn't necessary. 
anyway, we still love Nanbantei and we understand that these things happen once in a while.
we also like how the manager responded to our complaint.
 the sashimi may have failed us but the restaurant never will.  

Photo source

we watched Dark Knight Rises afterwards. 
for the first time, i liked a Batman made by Nolan.
i liked it but i still don't love it.
after all his (Nolan) effort to humanize Batman,
why did he have to change his voice whenever he's wearing his cape?
it's just laughable! sometimes i can't even understand
what he's saying.

i still don't like Christian Bale as Batman. he tries too hard especially with that voice.
i laughed when he asked Bane in one scene, "Where is the detonator? where? where is it?!"

this spoof says it all!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

this goes to my bucket list

i have to do this before the year ends. since there's a bed and breakfast, got to stay there too and do the viaje del sol the next day. that's another entry in my bucket list.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

dogs and movies

i just saw Bwakaw in Greenbelt. i cried in some parts of the film
and when i got home i immediately hugged my two dogs. 
i love the actors in the movie especially Eddie Garcia. 
 it must have taken a really patient director to make a movie 
with a dog in a supporting role. so hats off to Jun Lana.

speaking of dogs, while i was setting up my lightbox earlier 
sushi was barking at me, wanting to play 
so i took pictures of her again.
(setsuko is still camera-shy and she can't fit in the lightbox)

oh by the way i saw another Cinemalaya movie at 9pm 
but i'd rather not comment  
because i have nothing good to say about it. 

just look at this candle holder i made
from my silk yarn using the paper mache technique. 
(bought the frosted glass and the scented candles from Muji.)

isn't it pretty? 

Monday, July 16, 2012

thank you universe

it's been decided and i feel a big weight has been taken off my chest. it's a hard decision and it took months to make but i know it's right.

the signs arrived and they were like a big red traffic light telling me to STOP.

in my life, i have never decided to write or do anything based on how much it's worth. money can't buy me happiness.

i'll just have to work harder now. somehow, i'm not afraid.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

bed switching

a funny thing happened while i was writing the previous entry.
sushi was looking at me, then barking at my side of the bed. 
when i ignored her after a while, she slept on the floor beside me.

after i published the entry and i got up, i carried her and wondered why she was sleeping there. 
then i saw setsuko sleeping soundly on sushi's bed. wawang baby haha! kaya pala ko tinatahulan kanina, nagsusumbong.

setsuko wouldn't budge when i tried to wave her to her own bed so i just squeezed sushi in.

but after a while, sushi got up and just slept on the big pillow!
naawa naman ako so i carried setsuko to her bed and then put sushi on hers. 

now sushi got up again and went outside. maligalig 'tong batang 'to!

but she gave me an idea what to buy Setsuko for Christmas: a new bed!  

Brasserie Cicou in Greenhills

we went for dinner last night in this upscale French restaurant Cicou (pronounced as see-sue) just to try a new place instead of going to Uno in Tomas Morato.  

we wanted to check if the French food here were comparable to the French food we tasted in Paris. anyway, the chef of the restaurant is French so we expected a lot. 

Photo source
i like the ambiance and the lighting.

Photo source
i wanted more of the bread. nicely baked!

Egg cocotte ham and cheese; Photo source
Erik scraped the bottom of this cup up to the last teaspoon. we were happy so far!

 but after the appetizer came the main course which disappointed us.

oops i can't find the source...
i ordered pork blood sausage or Boudin Noir.
as i wrote in my feedback form, it was soggy. yikes. 
i couldn't help but compare it to this one we ate at Les Enfants Perdus

this one was crispy but not dry. the combination of the strong taste of the blood sausage with the sweetness of the pear was perfect. we had the same blood sausage with the contrasting sweet pear (or was it apple?) in Les Halles, New York where Anthony Bourdain is chef-at-large (whatever that means).  

 the blood sausage in Cicou had a small slice of caramelized apple on a bed of mashed potato. i hate to sound like a Top Chef judge because i don't know anything about cooking. all i know is that i enjoy eating salty with sweet, sour with salty or sweet with sour. i imagine a real Top Chef judge saying, "it's flat. one dimensional"
it's the same with their foie gras main course which was priced at P1,100.
it had pieces of foie gras on french toast with greens. erik didn't like it.
it had no flavor and the foie gras was overcooked 

the dessert was better but i still thought we would have been more satisfied in Uno or JT's Manukan :)

while lambasting our food and feeling French food expert, we decided on our top 3 favorite cuisine so far.

1. French
2. Japanese
3. Chinese

1. French
2. Japanese
3. Italian

 we left deciding we're not coming back. after writing my comments in their feedback form, they must think it came from Erik who they recognized and called direk.  yes, we can't go back there anymore :D

(i should have ordered the lamb...)


ADDENDUM (July 25, 2012)

just a day after i posted this review, the owner of the restaurant read this blog entry and asked to be given another chance. turns out the wife of the chef is also from Bacolod so they were able to get hold of Erik's number. small world! anyway their offer was a nice and much appreciated gesture. maybe i would go back again without erik but with friends instead. i don't want to be recognized :)