Thursday, December 27, 2012

yarns and kisses

i finally got to finish this fingerless gloves for erik. 
mine is missing it's partner so it's useless for this trip. 

this turquoise scarf is also finished!
but i haven't blocked it yet. will do it after the trip
because if i do it now, it won't be ready in time for our flight :(

i started this wool/acrylic scarf last night. i was hoping to bring it with me
on the plane (does Cathay Pacific allow knitting needles in cabin baggage?)
anyway on second thought this looks like it needs to be blocked first before use
so i'll just finish it when i get back.

last night i was knitting while eating this Hershey's Kisses which a couple gave me as a Xmas gift.  sometimes the best gifts come from people you don't expect to receive gifts from.  and this is one of them. 

the couple must have seen my craving-for-Kisses FB post.  it was just so thoughtful of them. after that post, i had someone buy Kisses from 7-11 and they were not as i imagined them to be: smooth and creamy. this one certainly is! there's still a bit left which i plan to eat later :)

Happy 2013! Kisses everyone!

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