Friday, December 24, 2010

busy Christmas

no time to blog since HK. nagdaan lang na parang Shinkansen sa bilis ang lahat.

Dec. 20
- got back from HK Monday noon
- Dwarfina meeting at 4pm
- Origin8 Christmas party until early morning

Dec. 21
- hilahan blues, surprise party of Erik at Mogwai until 4AM
hindi naging surprise kasi ayaw pa sumama so sinabi ko na rin na may surprise kaya kailangan niya pumunta dun! hay.

Dec. 22
- attended Publicis' Xmas party and judged their Japan-themed production numbers. don't really approved of the winners but what can i do? i was just one out of 5 judges.
- attended color grading of Shokot until 4AM again.

Dec. 23
- Meeting for new soap
- Fed the two dogs. I ordered takeout from Max's: chicken and chopsuey for Setsuko but she only ate a little chicken

Dec. 24
- did the laundry. the last time i did my laundry was during my Marilag days when i washed some Ukay clothes i bought. 3-4 years ago na siguro yun!
- Setsuko wouldn't eat so after i made lunch, we brought her to the vet, bought Cerelac and a syringe and force-fed her. i have to do that every 4 hours!

hindi pa ko nakakaligo! and have i mentioned that i'm still not finished with my Christmas shopping?

big sigh.

hopefully i get to do all the chores before 11pm because we plan to watch the 48 Hour Mystery Special on CI channel to celebrate Christmas! then tomorrow, i'll be writing the last 2 days of Week 9 script.

i hate Christmases.


  1. di ka pa nakaligo from dec 20 to dec 24? hehehe

    merry christmas. sayang di na tayo nagkita last time.

  2. wahahaha! oo nga no parang ganun. nung 24 lang! hehehe. happy holidays!