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According to CIA World Factbook, by July 2011 Philippines will have an estimated population of 101,833,938 with only an area of 300K sqm. compare that to Italy with 301,340sqm and an estimated population of 61,016,804.

2009; from

United States has an area of 9,826,675 sq km (almost 33 times bigger than our area) and they only have  313,232,044 population which is 1/3 of our population. 

It's enough to say that we are overpopulated. And still, the Catholic Church won't support the RH bill. 
But anyway, I have a radical solution for this problem which doesn't involve the RH bill.  

Earlier, my sister who migrated to Australia was raving about her daughter's interest in sports and the arts. Not only that, she also wants to bake cakes just like my sister. And i commented that it's good that she's exposed to opportunities like that which wouldn't have been available to her if they were living here in the Philippines. I'm sure the learning progress of that niece of mine is very different from my niece of the same age who grew up in Bulacan. 

And i thought, since we're overpopulated anyway, and there's not much job or any kind of opportunity here, why should Pinoys stay here? Why not distribute them abroad? 

My idea was to get N number of ships to accommodate 40 or 50M citizens then bring them in the underpopulated countries in the world as gifts! Yes. GIFTS. And this will be purely voluntary. Whoever wants to leave has no choice but to bring their immediate family with them whether they like it or not (I think this is going to be the end for those immigration agencies). 

First, the government should talk to other governments especially those from the First World which need manpower to stop their economies from collapsing.

"A number of nations today are experiencing population decline, stretching from North Asia (Japan) through to Eastern Europe throughRussia includingKazakhstan, Ukraine,Belarus, Moldova, Estonia,Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, and now Italy. Countries rapidly approaching population decline (but currently still growing, albeit slowly) include Greece, Spain, Cuba, Uruguay, Denmark, Finland, Austria and Lesotho." -

That's about 26 countries to choose from. If we can distribute 2M citizens per country, we'll be 52million Filipinos less! (Not to worry because I'm sure we can grow back again in no time.) 

We won't be asking for anything in return, just for them to give our citizens a chance and to give them the opportunities that their citizens have which is the right for education, work, health and family. If they commit a crime, then they can return them to us. If not, they are theirs to keep! This way, we'll both benefit right?

With only 48M Filipinos, there's no way we can't provide work, education, free health insurance, etc. We can be a First World country in no time. Then Filipinos will be so educated that they won't have that much children. Our population will be controllable or maybe we'll have a population decline because of so much progress. Then we can give back by recruiting citizens from the other less fortunate parts of the world. 

In no time, there will be no more Third World. There will only be a First World or One World just like what it should be.  It's how it should be! We should be sharing resources and knowledge because we are sharing the same problems specifically global warming. This is the time to unite and be one.

Just dreaming. And imagining...

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