Saturday, September 24, 2011

DIY projects!

i feel i need to challenge myself because i'm sooooo bored nowadays! 

so i've decided to do DIY projects whenever i have free time. instead of spending my time surfing the net or watching TV!

my first DIY project is to make a lamp made of paper.  got a lot of help from this website 

i'm calling it the Three Little Birds mood lamp :)
it's not perfect but it's my first DIY project so i'm quite proud of it!


thick white paper  
7W CFL bulb 
double-sided tape.

the base is still unfinished because i still need to do some hammer work. problem is i don't have a wood board and the nails i bought are not right. so for now i used the Ikea table mat as a temporary base. have to observe it though and make sure it's not a fire hazard. 

good thing is, i already know how to connect the electrical wires (as taught by the kind salesmen from SM hardware section)! not afraid to touch it anymore :)

anyway, next stop is hand sewing (since i don't have a sewing machine yet) which i plan to learn by myself. i also plan to do some tie dying. the internet is going to be my teacher.  classroom setup just doesn't work for me. i get impatient learning things step by step. i have always liked learning things by trial and error, my own way. i'm not known to have a system of doing things. 


i realized if you're bored with your life and you don't like how things are going, it's up to you to make a change and try to make it interesting. try to be happy and contented. others won't do it for you, not even your friends, family or loved ones.  we have our own lives to live.

you have to make the initiative and when you do, i'm sure they will be there to motivate and support you :)

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