Friday, December 3, 2010

which is why i can't be a lawyer

i'm watching Crime and Punishment on CI where a rapist abducted, raped and then killed 2 university students in California. he confessed to the killing when confronted with the evidence then requested to talk to his girlfriend who was 5 months pregnant with his child.

when he told her, the girlfriend cried and asked, "why did you do that? why!"

and then she moved her chair away from him and sobbed. the rapist reached out to her and cried too.
"i don't know. i'm sorry. there has been something wrong with me ever since i was little"


something's wrong with me too. why is it that i can empathize with these kind of killers?

i blame their parents more for the way they raised their children. this rapist was abused by his own father! his father shot his pet when he was young and told him to get used to killing! tama ba naman yun? when he was in 7th grade, he was still wearing diapers :(

he became angry with women and violated them because they represented the mother who abandoned him.

this rapist was sentenced to die.


  1. Every little evil thing that is happening in the world somehow boils down to reasons of human frailty rather than pure evil. This, too, I tend to understand. Huhuhu.