Wednesday, January 4, 2012

bag lining DIY

i don't buy bags from Bayo but i saw this blue faux leather bag in their shop at Rockwell just before Christmas. it was only less than P800 

even before i brought it in Bacolod for the holidays (Dec. 27 onwards), it was starting to fall apart. 

look at that velcro closure in the lining! it's actually causing the lining to disintegrate.  i'm not an expert but from the looks of it, i think it's a wrong choice of fabric with velcro.

so while spending the last of 2011 in Bacolod, i was thinking that when i get back i would definitely change the lining so i could still use the bag.  and today, i found the time to do just that. here it is now!

i just got the measurements of the old lining to make the new one.

i'm not a very good seamstress but so is the one who did the lining of this bag in the first place! when i took the whole thing out, i saw that they didn't even use overcasting to prevent fraying. and guess what, this bad seamstress did!

advice to Bayo, don't get bags from this supplier again for your loyal customers. as for me, I'm not going to buy a bag from you again.

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