Wednesday, January 4, 2012

if i had P200M pork barrel to spend...

the members of Philippine Congress spent their pork barrels like this.

i would spend my imaginary P200M like this if i were Senator MSY :)

1. 50M goes to livelihood projects for the urban poor where they'll be paid to learn. first things first, they need to have alternative ways to earn money. hindi na siguro sila tatanggi kung may bayad naman!
these livelihood projects are connected to handmade and recycling. products will be exported to other countries mainly. that way the project can be sustainable.

2. 100M for relocating the families living near the rivers, waterways somewhere in the province. as in they'll need to get on a plane to come back to Manila! the livelihood projects in no. 1 should be connected to this and done where they will be relocated so they won't have reason to come back. if they do, ikukulong sila! hihihi.

3. the 50M goes to scholarships for children. since this is very small, priority will be given to those who relocated to the provinces.

4. i need another 50M for health care :(

if i were one of the families living along a dirty river and offered free education for my children, free income opportunity and a house of my own, lilipat na ko kahit sa bundok! fresh pa hangin :)

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