Sunday, November 11, 2012

broken record

everything is going downhill for me.  everything. you name it.  worst of all, my youngest daughter is very ill and may die in 2 weeks from Canine Distemper (CD). 

this is Sushi right now. so different from her usual self.  she's so weak and can't even stand up or walk. it all started a few days ago when she vomited nonstop after eating. i had her brought to her vet who said she had liver problems and that she was anemic.she was still okay last night though a little lethargic. but early today, our house help noticed that she couldn't walk. her two front legs were stiff. i had her brought to Animal House and they diagnosed her as having CD. it's contagious to other dogs so they couldn't confine her. 

she's on dextrose and can only eat and drink by force feeding. every now and then she twitches and has seizures. she's in the advanced stage already. 

i searched online and found out about this alternative treatment: spinal tap. so we looked for the Lasota strain to use a vaccine for her. but all the poultry shops are closed right now because it's Sunday. even with that, the doctor said it's still a 50-50 chance that she will die or recover. before they give the vaccine to her, she needs to be sedated. the vet said it's possible that she will not wake up after sedation. 
i have no one to talk to about this. it's just me and this blog. and as always and with other things,  i have to figure out how to solve this on my own and get through this somehow. 

this is the usual Sushi. playful, stubborn and makulit. 

Sushi just turned 2 last Oct. 14. she's still so young. if only i can die instead of her, i will.  i can't bear it if she dies before me. if she dies, there's no reason for me to go on anymore. ang drama but that's how i feel right now.

if you're reading this, please pray that she survives this. thank you very much. 

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