Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY leather purse

i made a leather purse today!

after surfing the web, i finally settled on a simple design.
i hand stitched the sides and then put a snap closure.

the sewing took me less than 30 minutes but installing the closure took hours.
i had to figure out how to install the female part of the snap.  

since i don't have this Snap-All/Rivet Setter...

...i cheated and just super-glued the snap. it worked!

if i had the setter, i'm sure it's supposed to be flat and not elevated. 
but it's still good and i like it!

hope it doesn't come off :D

update (may 3, 2012)

it survived the trip! 


  1. nakakalokah! di na ako magtataka kung isang araw, makikita kong gumagawa ka na rin ng sapatos! lol...

  2. hahaha mukhang matagal pa yun. kakalyuhin siguro ko mag-handstitch nun!