Sunday, December 18, 2011

online shopping

argh. i just finished two scripts and i felt so deprived i wanted to shop. after finishing (almost) my Christmas shopping, i had to write another script again. but in times like this, all i want to do is to surf and shop again. so i went to Amazon and bought the usual things: master's blu-rays, food books, leather making tools, lovely fabrics which i'll add to my growing stack...

i also bought cones of wool in different colors from Sears because they're a little cheaper than in Amazon. plus they have free shipping within the US. erik has a friend in US who'll ship the items to us yey! 

knitting needles in various sizes
for our last shipment from Amazon (when i bought a sewing machine), we used Johnny Airit offers shipping service for US to Manila cargos for $5.99 per pound. in fairness, with all the books, shoes and DVDs plus the sewing machine, they only charged us P8k. 

another thing with Johnny Air, you don't have to worry about taxes anymore.  you just pick up your boxes at the branch nearest you and that's it!

but 8k is still 8k right?

if you want the cheapest way to get your items,  ask a friend in the U.S. to get a balikbayan box for you.  nothing beats the price of a jumbo box at $90 more or less! the downside is you have to wait for a month before it arrives. but the advantage is for the prize of $90 (P4k), you can already fill a jumbo box 
with all the items you want without needing to worry about the weight!

reminder to self: 
don't buy anything expensive for self anymore. wait for April 2012 before splurging.

i found my Johnny Air receipt by accident. they didn't charge 8k. it was 16k for 39 kilos. which means $7.5 per kilo plus taxes. see receipt below. 

the $20 is for consolidation fee as there were multiple deliveries made to them. 

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