Monday, July 25, 2011

buntis (not me)

our 19-year-old house help is pregnant. and she's not even married :(

what's happening to young people nowadays? hindi sila nag-iisip. she was not contented with Sushi and Setsuko and Pepper; she still wants to take care of a baby. ni hindi niya naisip na mas mahal magpalaki ng bata.

we wanted her to study and start college early this year but she declined (maybe she knew she was already pregnant) and we also wanted them to enroll in a short culinary course once a week for additional knowledge but they didn't want to. and what's weird is that it's for free! it's not going to be deducted in their salary or anything. we just wanted them to learn something new. but i got tired of trying to convince them so i just let the matter go.

and now, she's pregnant. haaaay.


setsuko got a new haircut. buhol buhol na kasi ang buhok e. she looks younger and smaller now.

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