Sunday, July 17, 2011


something worth almost a thousand dollars was posted in my BDO credit card! good thing it wasn't charged yet and is still floating. but it was an online payment to a certain JTV Tokyo. the only transaction for Japan i made was for the ryokan in Kyoto.

Momijiya Bekkan Kawa no Iori ryokan
the ensuite private open-air bath!
and the kaiseki ryori! my first time!
anyway, i had to make a letter of dispute and email it to BDO so that they'll investigate that item.

the weird thing is, they don't have any details about that transaction. they have to investigate first before they'll know where it came from or what company JTV Tokyo is. so, because of this incident, i learned that there is still a level of privacy for credit card clients. i thought call center agents knew everything about my purchases.

i got paranoid with my online transactions and had to delete my Worldwinner account. that's good too because i'm wasting my money in that site.

anyway i have to write now. i need the money to pay my credit card next month...


  1. may virtual card ang BDO CC na pwede mo gamitin sa mga transactions mo online. i feel safer kapag yun ang gamit ko kasi di masyado malaki credit limit. iba ang number ng virtual card pero direcho sya sa main BDO cc kaay iisang account lang. para talaga sya sa online purchases :)

  2. oo nga. me ganun ako pero niliitan ko lang yung credit limit para just in case mahack. di ko rin naman ginagamit kasi nakakalimutan ko or kulang para sa bibilhin ko. hay