Thursday, March 29, 2012

books and bookmarks

whenever i go abroad, i always make it a point to bring a book set in the same location. it's a way to get closer to the place especially if it's written by a local. 

it started when i first went to Paris in 2004. i brought the Da Vinci Code  with me and read it in a park somewhere. i remember an African-American approached me asking me if i was a student and then some more small talk. he went away and said he was coming back. i left immediately. i never thought it would happen again after 4 years! and that time, i wasn't a scaredy cat anymore.

anyway back to the book. i just bought this one which was recommended to me in FB. i don't think i'll like Paulo Coelho so i settled with this.  

it's a vampire book. so far so good! i'm trying not to read too fast. 
and then i realized i had no bookmarks so i made these.

i used the cardboard that came with my new stockings, some washi tapes, magazine cutout and my scrap yarns and leather cords

i realized while reading in a coffee shop earlier that i missed reading a lot. this year though i started to make time to read again and so far i only read one book: Natsuo Kirino's OUT. i love it and finished reading it overnight. 

while on my way home, i was wishing that books don't suffer the same fate as the Encylopedia Britannica which is going to cease printing this year :(  

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  1. book sug: any of the Provence series by Peter Mayle. light and humorous reading =)