Friday, June 22, 2012

paper macheing!

i'm addicted! 

here's my first paper mache using old book pages and Japanese paper:

bottom view

then i experimented on making a thin bowl-shaped one

next, i experimented on pulp. this is a combination of egg carton, tissue and some white paper. it's not finished yet as i'm still waiting for my acrylic paints! 

loving the texture of this one!

i have more but i'll post hopefully nicer pictures once my DIY lightbox is ready! here is what i came up with earlier. 

there's a cloth inside which i used as background for the pic above. but it's still not finished.  

a. i need another light source for the top
b. my light sources are too weak for the box size. i need three 100w bulbs!
c. plus i want to do it again but this time without the masking tapes showing, without a line showing between the two white papers on both sides (i only glued oslo pages together as i don't have a large white paper or fabric available.)  

anyway to learn how to make a DIY lightbox, just click here.