Tuesday, November 16, 2010

goodbye Pepperoo

Pepper the mini Schnauzer

we gave away our mini schnauzer to the husband of Erik's cousin. hopefully she'll be more loved and taken care of in her new house. she was with us since January of this year but she proved to be a handful. i wasn't used to an energetic hunter dog like her because i'm used to Shih Tzu's temperament. 

her kakulitan became more obvious when my 6-year-old Setsuko arrived.

hard to capture Setsuko, she's camera shy

my setsuko is just so gentle and minds her own business but she growls whenever Pepper comes near her. she can't stand pepper's kakulitan!

setsuko is lazy and can be described as a snob. she just lies down near me when i'm writing and follows me around when i get up from writing. she loves to cuddle and play but in my own time. we're so much alike. she doesn't force herself to you unlike pepper who will run so fast towards you as soon as she gets the chance. she can hurt you unintentionally because of her sharp nails (despite getting groomed regularly) and her overeagerness. 

i love setsuko!

anyway i'm sure pepper will be okay in her new home. hopefully she'll get the attention she needs and become less KSP :)

maybe we'll get a new Shih Tzu for Setsuko to play with :)


  1. setsuko! naalala ko tuloy grave of the fireflies. OT ba ang sagot? lol

  2. dun ko siya pinangalan sa character ni setsuko :)