Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Coron Palawan days 2-3 (rain and isolation)

first stop, Kayangan Lake

i was ready to jump into the water...

but wait, this is just the docking station!

view from the top

and this is Kayangan Lake

so calm and beautiful. swordfish everywhere.

mylene prayed that it would rain so she wouldn't get a tan.
i wished for sun and isolation. isolation and rain granted!

at Skeleton Wreck. beautiful fishies!

lunch at Banol beach. see the dark clouds over there? 
isolation and rain again!

 off to the Twin Lagoon we went

we went under that small opening in a balsa. the water was deep.
i thought sharks. mylene thought crocodiles. we stayed in the balsa
while our boatman dragged our balsa. i paddled with my hands. 

no picture inside the Twin Lagoon but it was so beautiful and isolated
 (yes there were just the 3 of us) that it was quite scary. 

our boatman securing the balsa before we left

last stop, Siete Picados. see the fishes?
again, isolated but no rain. the sun showed itself for a few minutes.
but it was so deep where the boat was anchored
and it was too shallow in the coral reef that it was hard to snorkel
so we left after 30 minutes or so. we were back in the hotel by 3pm. 
the boat is rented until 5pm but they can only bring you to 5 places
and we already reached our quota. 
how i wished we stayed for a while in Kayangan Lake. 
hands down my favorite place in Coron


breakfast at Manneken Pis 

short stop at Maquinit Hot Springs before doing our souvenir shopping.

make sure to buy cashew at Coron Harvest
and buy dried danggit in the market. 
you can also try Lamuyo, their fresh danggit. 

it was raining more during our last day. Typhoon Karen was on its way to Manila.
good thing our flight wasn't canceled. 
i would have enjoyed Coron more if it was sunny 
but if only for Kayangan Lake, it was worth it.


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  2. Palawan is such a wonderful place! I really enjoyed looking images where you've been and how great the experience riding a mini boat in Cagayan lake. Hope to experience that too! xD

    Philippine Travel

  3. one of my dream destinations. i always dream of being in palawan for quite sometime now.

    curios about resto/cafe's name --> Manneken Pis (Danish Inspired)?