Saturday, September 8, 2012

venice fashion in my opinion

di ako mapakali sa gown na 'to. 

especially that ugly fabric covering her cleavage. 
it should have matched her skin color and not sticking out like that.
it should appear invisible.

she's a sexy actress anyway. if i were her, i would just get rid of that fabric in front.
and that huge drape which actually hides her shape and the lovely lace of the gown underneath. 

her gown is not even as low cut as this gown that Hilary Swank wore in 2010.
imagine this with that same ugly fabric on Mercedes's gown, only in gray. pangit di ba?

if she decided on wearing a low cut gown like that, dapat pinangatawanan na niya. 


on the other hand Lovi Poe looks pretty too.
i like her skin color (and Mercedes's too) but...

balot na balot siya! para siyang suman. 
I like the lace design but it's already too elaborate 
that she doesn't need any accessory to wear with it. 
i want to yank that lace off her neck! is that part of the gown? 
i'm not too crazy about the bottom ruffles too. 
and the neckline, i'm not sure if it's flattering on her. 

please take that lace off your neck!
sama mo na rin yung hikaw

but i love this dress by Veejay Floresca. 
and she accessorized just right with her hair down. 

looking pretty. 

color suits her but i'm not too crazy about this

especially those shells
but well, she still looks pretty anyway.

go pinays! 

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