Friday, September 7, 2012


someone ordered from me through Multiply
this is my first shipment containing fabric and paper tapes.
it's exciting! 

repackaged using recycled plastic

i'm still not used to using Multiply for e-commerce. 
i only saw her order today but she paid early this week pa :( 
i included a free Kurashiki washi tape hoping she will forgive me.
with a love note in an origami butterfly.

fabric tape - Tiny

fabric tape - Enfant

Cavallini Paris Paper Tape
i hope she enjoys her new tapes! 


my mother is good in business being half-Chinese. she can sell anything.
even paper mache boxes which she just learned last month (i taught her the how-tos)!

my usual stand when it comes to selling is this: 
kung ayaw mo, wag mo. kasi akin na lang hahaha!

that's why i can't be a good businesswoman. lugi agad!
i also realized it's important for me to love and believe in the products i'm selling.
quality is first and foremost.  
i can't just sell any notebook or pen. i have to like them and use them too. 

  if my products don't sell, i won't mind it that much 
because if worse comes to worst, i can use them myself!  

but i do hope they sell so other people can also use such beautiful cute things :) 
and i hope this craft business grows and Filipinos start to improve themselves 
by using their hands to make something handmade
instead of playing tong-its and drinking at Aling Nena's store. 


  1. tamang tama, after a year may pang mt. fuji na. congrats sa bagong pinagkakaabalahan mo

  2. sana nga basta hindi ako ang bibili ng sarili kong product haha!
    anyway may tatanong pala ko sa 'yo. email kita. related 'to sa business :)