Tuesday, October 26, 2010

get a life!

i was about to update my Twitter but then i realized it's been too much effort for me to write there. i end up revising and/or not posting my thoughts anymore. it became a place to chat with my friends. so i deleted it. just like that hahaha.

tama yung nabasa ko nung isang araw sa Inquirer, the world has become a selfish place. we post things about ourselves and we want the world to listen to us. we've become a generation of slacktivists. posting the color of our bra for breast awareness? di ko nga alam na kulay pala ng bra yun e. so ang purpose ba ay ipaalam ang kulay ng bra mo para maging aware ang mga hindi aware (sino kaya yun?) na nagsusuot ng bra ang mga babae. di ko magets yun.

anyway to each his own.

now, it's Twitter. susunod na ang FB. (or maybe i can delete people i don't really know and have never met and just retain my real friends?)

i need to simplify my life and do real things in the real world.

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