Tuesday, January 4, 2011


i welcomed 2011 while working. it's going to be a busy 1st month of the year because we're starting 2 soaps and i'm lined up to write at least 2 TV scripts this january. there's also this essay i have to submit for my teacher's upcoming book due end of the month.

for the existing soap Little Star, it doesn't help that Jennilyn Mercado is hospitalized right now. we have additional work revising the scripts we wrote during the holidays (!) to take her out of the story while she recuperates. kawawa siya. kawawa rin kami :( ganun talaga lagi. kapag hindi ko matapos-tapos ang script, it means may major na mangyayari na kailangan din namin baguhin ang script. ayan na nga. buti na lang, 1 day lang out of 3 days ang naigapang ko kasi mai-scrap lang lahat.

if there's anything to look forward to, it's our HK trip (again) on the last week of this month.
i also have to really enroll at Slim's Art and Fashion school this week for dressmaking. i have to do this for myself! as in! 90% ng buhay ko, nakalaan sa film/TV, 5% lang ang personal life. that's how i feel because even when i'm with friends, we still talk about films or TV. recreation means watching movies or TV. internet comprises the other 5%.

kakaumpisa pa lang ng buwan, pagod na ko.

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