Wednesday, January 5, 2011

needs to be challenged

may gagong babae sa poker table ko na bigay ng bigay ng tissue kapag natatalo ko. parang hindi professional. 99 na yung rating niya (champion) while i'm only at 72 (ace). for the first time pumatol ako:

me: the tissue is so childish
loser: why bluff?
me: it's poker. part of the game.
loser: (blah blah blah in a different language. Greek ata)
me: whatever

i had only 300+ chips against her 2K. so i promised myself i wouldn't be leaving that table while she was there! she placed 3rd while i, with only 300 chips, ended up first place. BEEEEELAT!

wala lang. ginigising ko lang sarili ko kasi may deadline pa. pero antok na ko.

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