Saturday, January 22, 2011

naloloka ako

sa kapatid kong 16 (turning 17 this Feb.)

when i was her age, i only had crushes. but at 16, she already has a bf! and she's living alone with my former housemates as her guardians. not only that but they now have Facebook where they can emote whenever they have LQs! during my time, you can only emote on your journal or with your friends. but now, you literally tell the whole world what you're feeling! kakaloka!


i love drawing. kahit lines pa lang ang dinodrawing ko ngayon, i'm loving it. i love going to my classes every Thursdays and Saturdays at Slim's. but i have to charge my iPod so i can block out the noise. some of my (very young) classmates talk a lot while working and one (behind me) has a speaker for his iPod forcing me to listen to his playlist.

concave and convex lines

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