Wednesday, May 25, 2011

shoes ko!

i discovered a new brand of shoes and they have such nice designs! i've never had the urge to buy half of the shoes in one store (expect for those with heels) like i did earlier in DUMOND shop, Trinoma Q.C.

problem is, they are quite expensive since it's a Brazilian brand. the price ranges from P3k - P6500 for shoes. the flats that made me enter the shop was priced at P5,200. i decided it was too expensive.

i switched to a ballerina which was cheaper at P3,700 and contemplated if i really should buy it at that price. the most expensive shoes i have is not more than P2,500 but this pair was really nice. simple but appealing and elegant so i decided it was worth it. i was about to buy it when i saw this ballerina in light yellow with gold accent. anything shiny doesn't appeal to me but in this case, it was love at first sight!  i ended up buying the pair which is more expensive than the first pair i saw. sigh.

some of their designs in their website:

love, love, love...

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