Sunday, May 1, 2011

thinking business

i'm thinking i should put up a business related to traveling since that's what i want to do anyway. traveling and shopping.

maybe i can buy goods from the country i'll be going to and then sell the stuff here online OR maybe i can get orders from people before i leave and then sell it to them with interest. of course price should still be cheaper than the price of the product here in Pinas.

what's to sell from japan? how can i know if anybody's interested to buy or order?

in Osaka, there's this very delicious sweet potato in a box sold in one of their fastfoods. i can sell that! it's just that there's an expiration date of course so it has to be sold once i get back here.

japanese products are kind of expensive lang. even their food is not cheap compared to pinoy food.

just wondering (instead of writing).

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