Tuesday, May 24, 2011


a lot has happened since i last blogged...

i've been attending my FD class regularly for two weeks now (2 half days plus one half day for make up class). finally, i'm finished with watercolor exercises...

now, i'm on to fashion sketching!

had difficulty with the legs so Sir Ogie helped me

anyway, one day after class i went to Tiendecitas to see Erik choosing another dog. what ever happened to family planning? anyway we have our third dog now: Pepper, the American Cocker Spaniel...

can you see her?

she harassed Sushi just by wanting to play with her. sushi by the way is months older. Sushi wasn't able to sleep and didn't eat for a whole day. Setsuko joined her in her act of rebellion.

the night Pepper arrived...

but one day, i just heard her bark at Pepper continuously (who didn't get it by the way and continued running after Sushi)! the important thing is that Sushi learned to defend herself.

while these were all happening, i was busy losing $90 online (make that $100). been playing Scrabble cubes at www.worldwinner.com

don't enter if you're not ready to lose! that's about it!

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