Friday, August 19, 2011

3 hours of sleep is the secret

today has been quite productive, maybe because i slept at 4am and woke up at 7am. it's unusual for me to have the energy to work all day with 3 hours of sleep (i sleep for 8-10hours/day) and not be grouchy or sleepy in midday.

but today, i was really efficient and finished everything. before lunchtime, i replaced a makeup artist, went shopping for makeup/prosthetics in Cubao then went to the studio to get ready.

i even had the time to meet with an Indonesian visitor who works in a TV company there. i snuck out while the talents haven't arrived yet. we chatted for less than an hour in David's Tea House where she was having lunch (of all places!). i like her and that's not only because of the kopi luwak she gave me. she has a really nice personality and i instantly warmed up to her. there are people like that in this world.

this is the real thing!

thanks funny! (pronounced as funi)
when i went back to the studio, my nephew, niece, cousin and mother were already there waiting. my niece and cousin were one of the talents as zombulilit and zombabe respectively.


zombabe and zombulilit

at 5pm, i had a meeting for the premiere night with the Keratin complex team who will sponsor  who will also have a simultaneous premiere night in the cinema in front of us (both for Zombadings). i realized that when i have no sleep, i'm quite talkative and giggly, quite sociable, witty and funny haha (or at least i thought so). or maybe i was just comfortable with the people i was meeting with. i don't know how i would have been if i didn't like them.

i multitasked all day. didn't have a decent meal the whole day. was thankful when i finally home.

and now, sushi is tampo. i caught her eating her poopoo again (bad habit of young small dogs)! so i slapped her slightly and brushed her teeth. it's her first time to have her teeth brushed so i think she was a little traumatized. she thinks i'm still angry so she doesn't want to come near me :(


next week, Berlinale group wants to meet with us and i am being forced to be there. maybe i should sleep again for 3 hours. it's the magic number...

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