Monday, August 1, 2011

Edward Hopper

i've been searching online for paintings for my next plates. 
i came across Edward Hopper's paintings. 
Girl at Sewing Machine

Approaching the City

Chop Suey


Early Sunday Morning

erik and i went to an exhibit of his works in Italy last year. was that in Florence or Rome? i think it was in Florence. he doesn't usually go to museums or exhibits and though i didn't want to go inside, i complied because he said, Hopper's one of his favorite painters. 
i'm not really an art enthusiast and there are few painters i like. i hate abstract. i'm into realism.
Hopper's works appeal to me because they evoke (sadness and) nostalgia, just like a song from my childhood would do.

my mother always listened to music and this is just one of the songs i grew up listening to. i don't even have an idea what the songs means!

i love Julio Iglesias. he's hotter than enrique during his time.

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