Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HK: from Tai Po to Craftsteak

we stayed for 2 nights in the Sheung Wan district (never again in that hotel!)
it's near Causeway Bay but far from the other places especially the Tai Po market 
where Anthony Bourdain tasted the best roasted goose! he's right!

but it's a restaurant that took us 3 transfers to get to so we decided it was worth the visit
but not a second time. unlike this sushi place where we ate twice during our stay in HK.
our number was 336 but we still waited :)

after eating, more walking. 

street food vendors
 the next day, we saw this guy drying the mushrooms
beside the road while waiting for a taxi. 

Sheung Wan is surely the mushroom district
and Shark's fin too!
 we saw them being sold at every shop there! que horror!

finally, we arrived at Craftsteak for lunch.
this is the bone marrow that Erik ordered. it was just an appetizer!
he ate 3/4 of it by himself. tsk tsk...

this is the half Caesar salad. i don't recommend it. 
lacks the sour taste of Caesar dressing. it's quite sweet actually 
(maybe it's the bacon which was not salty)

but this one's really good: 
Italian Burratta Cheese with Marinated Tomatoes and Aged Balsamic

we also ordered the USDA Ribeye.
erik didn't like the spices on top. he wants his steak with salt and pepper only. 
but i liked this because it's tasty.

ribeye good for 2

Craftsteak is located at Elgin Street in Soho. got this reco from :)
afterwards, with our luggages one of the Pinoy staff got us a cab then we went straight to the airport. 

so long, Hongkong...

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