Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HK: from the airport to second hotel :)

we were at the new airport at 6am straight from Erik's shoot.

we arrived at Hotel Panorama at around 1pm. 
room wasn't available so i joined them for dimsum lunch.
afterwards we slept for 2 hours then we were ready for 
the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert at Asia-World Expo!

this was the dinner we bought: 2 Carlsbergs, 
1 hotdog sandwich with beans on top (yummy),
Coke and a Mars bar in my bag.

the venue was full-packed.  

well, almost.

pinoys were everywhere! we were so happy when Anthony Kiedis 
specifically greeted the pinoys in the crowd!

(From L-R: Lyle, Borgy, Karla, myself, Erik, JA)

here's one song i recorded: Californication :)

after the concert, the pinoys all went to Lang Kwai Fong to party. 
we were too tired and wanted to just eat 
so we headed to Temple Street afterwards. 
i was so sleepy that i didn't get to take pictures.

next day was spent walking around in Causeway Bay 
and shopping for blu-ray, as always.
at night we ate at the Macau restaurant.  nice lamp!

we walked around the area near our hotel until we got tired.

next day, it was time to check out and transfer to our new hotel. 
this was the view from Hotel Panorama...

and this one's the view from Hotel De Edge. nice right?

but the catch is, it's quite far from the center :(

to be continued...

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