Monday, December 5, 2011

knit, decoupage and bake

i'm restless and bored. most of the time i feel sleepy so i try to make myself busy.
i'll do anything but write!

my second attempt at knitting. it's perfect!
i'm thinking of making a wallet or bag out of it. 
no idea yet so it stays like that for me to admire for now :)

not everything came out perfect though. 
tried to make this sugar cube recipe and had it dried overnight.

but some of it crumbled. next time i have to add more water. 

i also decoupaged the new cabinet using origami paper. 
then the red and black linings are washi tapes :)
it took me about 7 hours to finish this but i'm happier (90%)
with my second decoupage attempt.  

on top is my paper lamp, my first ever diy project.

i also made this NO BAKE OREO BARS today with the help of Tata. 
recipe here. so easy to make and delicious too. perfect for black coffee.
i think i'm going to give this as gifts to my officemates instead. 

i added almonds on top and additional butter. 
next time we'll add more marshmallows and butter.

too bad my throat aches. it feels like i'm coming down with a flu.


  1. haha ang sipag a. active na active. gawa ka ng pambday mo sa akin :-)

    lapit na din ako uwi, inform mo ko kung bacolod kayo...

  2. ano gusto mo? lamp o no bake orea bars? hehe.
    nasa bacolod kami ng 27-jan 1. kelan ka uwi dun?
    pabili naman ng origami papers dyan o!

  3. try ko hanap online origami papers o kung may malapit sa office. medyo busy kasi korea na naman ako sa monday (this weekend kasi may gala na)

    sige kita tayo sa bacolod. di ako pede 29 at 30 kaso hehe or pede ko makatakas