Thursday, December 8, 2011

Setsuko's stare

Setsuko keeps on staring at me with her sad, begging-for-attention gaze. 
sometimes while she's walking, she would just stop and stare at me.
then i have to stop writing and look at her and give her attention.
this while i'm writing so it's hard to concentrate.

i put her on the bed but she still keeps on staring at me.
so i put her on my lap and pet her and talk to her. she seems to relax.

sometimes, i'm afraid she wants to tell me something.
and i dread that she wants to say goodbye to me. 
it's just that lately, if she's not begging for food, 
she seems sad and introspective. 

oh no Setsuko. you have many years ahead of you.
don't leave mommy yet. 

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