Thursday, December 2, 2010

to be or not to be

still don't know what i have to do next year.  should i apply for the writing grant and let it decide my fate?

buti pa yung napanood ko sa Pecha Kucha last night. he worked (or still works) in a cruise ship so he could travel which is what i planned to do before. i already took up a housekeeping course at Magsaysay training school in Intramuros then but i was too lazy to apply for a job or even get my Seaman's book. the line was too long in either one.

anyway, i don't even know if i have the talent in sewing/fashion designing. can i make an outstanding wedding gown?

by Dior

or an exquisite terno like this one for the graduation requirements?

by Slim's founder herself

i don't want to be mediocre. if i'll do it, i have to be really good at it...

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  1. You can do it! Don't forget, magki-clay animation ka pa!