Wednesday, December 15, 2010

countdown has started again

everybody thinks Hubert Webb is guilty but what if he's not? he just spent 15 years of his youth in jail for nothing! if i were in his shoes, i'll burn down the trial courts and Jessica Alfaro! i'll go back to jail, yes but at least now i'm really guilty.

i would be this happy too

i support the Supreme Court's decision to acquit him based on what i've read from the Inquirer. it wasn't proven by the NBI that Webb et. al. are guilty beyond reasonable doubt. i'm surprised that with what little evidence they got, former Judge Tolentino sentenced them to life imprisonment!

according to one member of the Supreme Court, Justice Villarama who dissented, Webb's original passport was not presented as evidence to prove that he indeed was in the US that time. the defense alleged that it was tampered. US Immigration ad Naturalization Service in SanFo also did not certify that Webb was there when the crime was not committed. she also said that Alfaro's testimony was backed by 5 other prosecution witnesses. there's certainly doubt there that he may really be guilty.

i wonder, wasn't it possible to issue a warrant to get Webb's original passport? if it was tampered, that would prove he's hiding something.

i've watched so many cold cases solved in CI channel. give them Alfaro and they still won't bring it to court because i'm sure they won't find her credible enough to get a sentence. they'll look for more evidence,  not just testimonial but physical like DNA etc. to connect the criminals to the victims. but here in Pinas, give them any kind of witness, do the trial by publicity and everybody happy, except for the poor suspect/s of course. this is soooo wrong.  it should always be beyond reasonable doubt.

anyway so the catch now is that there is a 20-year prescriptive period for a crime to be solved. the countdown started when the police discovered the crime on June 30, 1991 so the bad news is that they have less than a year to solve the Vizconde massacre. beyond that, they can't prosecute any suspect anymore. that's about 6 months from now. wow!

NBI, wag masyado ma-pressure. find more evidence or find the real killers on or before june 30. start by looking for Joey Filart and Artemio Ventura (not included in the acquittal) who have eluded you for 15 years! nice job hiding guys!

oh and the semen sample found on Carmela's body, if you can find it please?


sad that it took 15 years for this case to reach the SC and for them to find that Alfaro's is not a credible witness. how much would the government pay them for 15 years? how much is acceptable for 15 years of lost time?

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