Friday, April 29, 2011

royal hat day!

i found this hat laughable

Princess Beatrice of York
but there were really beautiful hats. i actually was envious that Philippines is not a hat country. you'll get laughed at if you wear an elaborate hat here, even something as beautiful as this one.

stunning Miriam Gonzales!
even Kate's mom looked elegant in her attire and her hat. i love British style!

Carole Middleton

didn't like Victoria Beckham's somber look

Prince William's broad shoulders made me not mind his serviceman attire.  but i do mind whenever he takes off his hat. i love Harry!

 i liked Kate's wedding dress. very elegant. i just don't like the bust area. it doesn't compliment her figure though i think they also took into consideration the conservative nature of the ceremony. some people said she had nipple pokies. did you see that? i didn't. was she looking at them here?

back to the princess beatrice. i don't notice the yellow. i see the HAT!

Photos by AP Photo/APTN, Dan Kitwood/Getty Images, Mike Marsland/

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