Saturday, November 19, 2011

Japan craft stores

first, this is my stash of yarns and washi tapes of different sizes. 
there are more yarns underneath!

i don't know what i'm going to do with them yet. 
i also bought some leather. don't ask me why.

before they all disappear in my memory, i have to list down the places where i bought them so that when i come back (soon!), i'll know where to go!

1. The leather goods shop next to Kinokuniya Shinjuku main store. They sell different kinds of leather goods but they also sell leather. Some are quite expensive but i bought a dark brown sheep leather which was displayed outside for only 1000 yen. 

2.  A shop in Ikebukuro behind Labi building and across a sushi restaurant. I know i took a picture of it's name but i can't find it anywhere. Anyway, it's a washi tape heaven. It's where i bought almost half of my washi tapes. There's also scrapbooking materials, stamps, stickers, etc. I want to go back here. 

3. Cosi Cosi shop in Shibuya. It's near the big crossing. They sell ethnic pieces from Africa and India. The colors in the shop will draw you in. Aside from the beads and stamps, i was so pleasantly surprised to see that they were selling recycled silk yarns for only 420yen per ball. The largest ones cost 820yen. I bought a lot of course! 

4. There are several shops like Cosi Cosi which sell ethnic products. I also found MALAIKA by accident in the Kyoto market. They didn't have the yarns but what made me gush about this store is what's in the 2nd floor: imported silk and other kinds of fabric that i don't know the name of. 

a little blurred i'm sorry. i was excited!
textile heaven, agree?

the patterns! the patterns! i wanted to buy a meter or two but i couldn't choose. finally, i had to leave the shop. but i regret not buying the one of a kind fabric i wanted at the last minute.

5. Yuzawaya in Takashimaya department store. Everything is there! If only i could stay for a whole day, i would. But a guy can only wait for an hour and that's it. I bought a leather sewing kit which includes a leather wallet kit inside plus stamps and leather!

6. Nomura Tailor in Kyoto. I wasn't even looking for it but i found it after Malakai. It feels to me as if it was meant to be. Anyway i bought some scrap fabrics there. i wanted to buy more but i had to stop myself. I had a week to go and I was sure there's plenty more to discover. 

7. Kiwa jewelry making store in Shinjuku. ( I think it's in the 5th floor of Lumine 2. It's one of those accidents again. We went to a bookstore and then I found this in the corner. I couldn't stop myself from splurging again. In the end, i had to return some of the items i don't really need :(

8. I also went to La Drougerie in Harajuku. it's one of the most beautiful craft shops i have been to, if not the best. but what i'm sure about is that it's the most expensive. i didn't buy anything here. sigh. 

9. Itoya in Ginza. washi tapes again! paper and more paper! after looking at the nice things over and over again mulling whether to buy them or not, i decided to leave without buying anything. 

10. I found another store in Osaka just like Cosi Cosi and Malaika. I forget the name. They sell the same things except the textile. This one sells recycled wool yarn and banana thread yarn. I don't know what a banana thread yarn is but i bought some anyway :)

There are other stores which i discovered while walking which I might not be able to go back to again next time. There's this art store in Osaka near Tokyu hands which sells, guess what, washi tapes again and stamps among other things! 

While looking for gum tape for our balikbayan box, we found this book store where i found washi tapes again! It's also where i bought a book on washi tape and their uses. I bought it even if it's in Japanese. 

I'm not worried i'm not going to find them again. There are lots of shops waiting to be discovered. And if there's none, i can always go back to Yuzawaya and spend a day there :)

Now what to do with my stash? 


  1. yarn! leather! washy tape! washy paper!

  2. you were wrong in number 2. we bought that in Akihabara. Not Ikebukuro.

  3. sure ka sa akihabara yun? saan dun? yun nga ang hindi ko maaalala. baka nasa phone mo yung kinuha kong pic sa labas ng store kasi wala sa phone ko :(