Wednesday, November 2, 2011

jewelry DIY all day!

i wanted to do a coin purse today but i had no zipper available
so i made jewelry instead. 

i purchased these beads and brass chain in Quiapo last Sunday. 
it's quite cheap. P100 per string of semi-precious stones 
and then P60 per string for the Murano beads (buy 3 take 1).

No. 8 yellow jade stone in brass chain

this one below is my favorite Murano bead among the ones i purchased.
it's like a teardrop. i love it.

this one's an old silver chain of mine (not sure if it's sterling). 

after attaching some Murano beads, it looked like this.

Sushi kept on barking at me and asking for attention 
so i made her pose with the necklace :)

this is the sterling silver rose ring i did. 
it's two rings which i connected by using copper wire. 

 but i removed the wire after because i prefer it simpler and disconnected.
it's supposed to be 3 but i broke the silver wire while twisting 
and my fingers hurt already. there'll be another time to complete the set.

but before all these jewelry, i finally finished the two-toned scarf!

there are holes in it and like i said, i made mistakes all over it
i didn't bother to unravel the yarn when i accidentally purled instead of knitted

 the green one is more tightly knit than the white 
so there's a part where the white one is wider :(
but it's not going to be obvious when wrapped around one's neck!

next time, it's going to be perfect!

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