Friday, November 25, 2011

not one, but two.

when i woke up, i got a text update about my friend who's still in the hospital. the text messages sound worse every time. i don't know what to do for her. she doesn't want us to see her in her state.  i don't know what to tell her anymore through text. how can i comfort her in her pain? just last night i was browsing the internet for cancer survivors. i was hopeful because there were late stage cancer patients who are able to manage their illness and living up to now for 17 years...


setsuko is sick too.

according to her vet, she has to undergo ovariohysterectomy which in layman's term means removal of the ovary. apparently, since she only got pregnant once, her ovary is rotting and has to be removed. or she can opt for antibiotics for life. i'm going to get a second opinion but it seems setsuko is going to have an operation soon at 7 years old.

according to this dog chart, setsuko is 47 years old. she's still active right now and always hungry. it seems every december, she gets sick. it started last year.

at least i can do something to save setsuko. but with my friend, i feel helpless. we all feel helpless.

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