Wednesday, November 2, 2011

off to Japan

while looking at Youtube videos of Jason Mraz concert in Manila (and getting annoyed because of the Pinoys singing along with him all throughout the songs! good thing i didn't go!), i found this:

when i was in kindergarten, my mother made me memorize this song and then sing it in front of my classmates. (i just found out now that she's not even Japanese and it's actually a Taiwanese song translated to Nihongo).

anyway i don't remember anything about performing but when i was young, i had no stage fright. it was only as i became older that i developed stage fright. maybe something traumatic happened along the way that made me avoid the spotlight as much as i can.  hmm...ano kaya yun?

in my next lifetime, i want to be a performer. the best there is. i want to be a really good singer! :)
a beautiful, charming, really-good performer!

i won't be blogging anymore after this as I'll be gone most of November.

Ashita no gogo watashi to Erik wa Nihon e ikimasu! jaa mata ne!

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