Sunday, February 5, 2012

Airbnb it is!

if you're travelling anywhere in the world, you should try to book an accommodation at Airbnb. i just discovered it recently and will use it for our trip to europe this april. we were even able to book an entire apartment for the 3 places we'll go to! and they are cheaper than staying in a hotel :D

our apartment in Barcelona, Spain

then we'll be going to San Sebastian where it's very hard to find accommodation
so we ended up booking through

back to Airbnb for Provence!

our apartment in Provence

we have a pool of our own. 
we searched a lot of accommodations before deciding on this.
this is the provence i imagined. 

from there, we'll be heading to Paris!

i'll be posting about our experience using Airbnb after our trip. 

i can't wait...i can't write...


  1. pretty interesting! I'll wait for your actual review.... san sa Europe?

  2. nakalista lahat ng pupuntahan namin sa taas! hahaha