Wednesday, February 22, 2012

walkout queen

am i just getting old? it's not too easy to make me happy nowadays.

recently, i watched Before Sunset again and it lost its magic to me. for some reason, i find them fake. i can see them acting, especially julie delpy. though i still love the ending when she sang.

i haven't liked all the recent movies i watched in theaters. this week i watched Hugo then earlier, Unofficially Yours. before them, i saw Tintin, The Road, Shake Rattle & Roll (the latest one). ugh to the three. The Road is going to be shown in the US. i'm not surprised because i think it was really made for American audiences. there's nothing Filipino in it.  

anyway back to Hugo. i didn't know what it was about except for the fact that Martin Scorsese directed it so i entered it with an open heart, ready to like it. but then while watching, i got the feeling that they tried avoiding Cinema Paradiso which was what the story should have been, a father-son story. but they veered away from it so the revelations came out flat in my opinion. they build up the Hugo-granddaughter plot, even investing so much in Borat's character that they forgot Ben Kingsley's character. naturally, why would i care if the boy start investigating about his past? i didn't care for it at all. i didn't care for any character, even that of Hugo. bring him to the orphanage please!  

being so disappointed, i blamed erik for watching that instead of Unofficially Yours which at least i know i would enjoy because of JL. so we watched it last night. 

at first i was kilig because of JL's ka-cute-an. he's like sushi hahaha! but then after an hour or so with nothing happening and his character not really progressing, i got bored. soon after, his cute antics didn't work for me anymore because the story was not going anywhere. i even started questioning why Angel would have feelings with this needy, puppy-eyed JL who's actually a wimp just like the guy in 500 Days. for such a strong woman, why would she love a guy like that?  

i don't know the culture in newspaper offices but when i was watching it, i was thinking the Angel character fits more in the advertising world than in newspaper where most employees are conservative and academic. but of course, that world has been used a lot of times in (Star Cinema) movies already so they needed something new.  

i didn't finish all movies i mentioned (except for The Road). if you liked any of the movies i mentioned, please tell me why. please...please...


on a positive note, i'm loving Sherlock! at least the first episode which runs for an hour an a half. first season only contains 3 episodes. it's funny, witty dialogues, entertaining with a lot of bromance between Sherlock and Watson :)

at least i have something to watch after Entourage. that's another TV series i recommend!


  1. heard a lot of good reviews for Sherlock (tapusin ko muna ang Top Chef Texas haha, baka marunong ako magluto after)

    watch A Separation. simple premise but the development of the story is engaging enough :-)
    also watch The Artist (would have preferred a different ending though) LOL!

  2. Top Chef na recent yan di ba? Yung kina Paul? Pinapanood din namin yan ni Erik. I'm rooting for Paul. Ayoko dun sa dalawang babae.

    Sige panoorin ko nga yang A Separation. yung The Descendants din gusto ko sana panoorin e. sa DVD na lang