Monday, July 30, 2012

3 restaurants and Batman's voice

i have to write a few storylines but i'll blog first. 
yesterday we went out despite the rain and we sampled two new restaurants. 
first one is Nolita at The Fort. 

we ordered three slices of pizza: 
italian sausage, cheeseburger and chicken something

i like the crust but the toppings were just too salty. 
(this from someone who influenced Erik to use patis every meal.)  
we also ordered their Parmesan Mac & Cheese. 
it too was salty. too much parmesan perhaps?
anyway it was okay but we wouldn't go all the way to The Fort
again just to eat there. Shakey's is still the best pizza in Pinas for me.
we wanted to go to Nanbantei to eat again but decided to just have coffee 
and dessert in this small coffee shop named Slice.

i like the presentation. it was kind of healthy food because they had this 
Slice Champorado which i wanted to order at first but when i learned that 
it was composed of granola, caramel and milk i didn't bother. if you'll call it champorado,
make sure it's champorado. at least don't remove the sticky rice as main ingredient.

i got this Yema cupcake instead and it's yummy.  
as you can see, it's all sugar!  

for dinner we went for comfort food and ate at our favorite yakitori, Nanbantei.

dory, chicken wings, liver, asparagus with pork

the food never failed us, until last night. 
our salmon sashimi wasn't entirely boneless.
Erik was the lucky one!

we told out waiter about it and the manager went to our table to apologize.
he offered to take it out of our bill but we said it wasn't necessary. 
anyway, we still love Nanbantei and we understand that these things happen once in a while.
we also like how the manager responded to our complaint.
 the sashimi may have failed us but the restaurant never will.  

Photo source

we watched Dark Knight Rises afterwards. 
for the first time, i liked a Batman made by Nolan.
i liked it but i still don't love it.
after all his (Nolan) effort to humanize Batman,
why did he have to change his voice whenever he's wearing his cape?
it's just laughable! sometimes i can't even understand
what he's saying.

i still don't like Christian Bale as Batman. he tries too hard especially with that voice.
i laughed when he asked Bane in one scene, "Where is the detonator? where? where is it?!"

this spoof says it all!


  1. sana triny mo ung champorado! masarap sya :) masarap din mga sandwiches nila...and the brownies! at syempre ang choco yema.

  2. ayaw na ni erik bumalik haha. pero ako puwede pa naman. ayoko lang ng champorado na granola. masyadong healthy haha.